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Entrepreneur Apparel

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you love clothes that fit your style? This is the shop for you!

Being an entrepreneur myself, I know how hard it is to find clothes that speak our language, whether you code, own a shop, or have a service. When you go into Walmart or JCPenny you don't see anything just for us. People that aren't entrepreneurs don't always understand our entrepreneurial vision. We change the world every day with new technology and ideas. With the power of the internet, however, it is now easier than ever to buy entrepreneurial trending items.

As a teenager, I started this shop because, all of the teen entrepreneurs I knew didn't have anything that said, "Hey I'm a successful entrepreneur." It's nice to finally have a place to shop for clothes and other accessories like phone cases, mugs and water bottles that show other people that I am an entrepreneur. When I show people my phone case they are simply amazed. It makes it super easy to start a conversation as well, because who wouldn't want to know what you do because of an awesome shirt or sweater that says you are an entrepreneur?

We all needed a way to show off how amazing we are as entrepreneurs. We are gifted individuals like no other.

The shop is also all online and ships anywhere in the world. So it doesn't matter where you are. If you are an entrepreneur you can buy a shirt and have it shipped to your front door. And by buying a shirt you support your fellow entrepreneurs so it's a win-win. It's all for fun and inventive entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

They also make great gifts for the little or big entrepreneur in your life and their team that helped them to get there. It's nice to be appreciated by our loyal and supportive family members, friends and mentors. You truly are the ones that help us to be successful. It most definitely takes a village to get any business up and running.

The shop is called Say What You Want to Say, and during their grand opening, it got over 1,000 hits because all kinds of entrepreneurs loved seeing apparel just for them. And since no one else is doing it, I had to share it here. The shirts beautifully designed by teen entrepreneurs in the US. They work hard every day to come up with new fun designs for entrepreneurs of all ages. Not all are entrepreneurial, and some are just for fun. Some are just sayings that we all know and love. From babies to men they clothe them all and then some.

This shop was designed to inspire entrepreneurs to speak up about what they love to be, no matter what their business may be. And that's what I love about it. It's for everyone without limitations on gender, age, or race. It's hard to find places that sell without judging you based on who you are. That's also why I fully support all kid or teen businesses because of that free-form attitude. Everyone is treated as an equal. And when other entrepreneurs post pictures of themselves in our apparel, we see all different types of individuals.

Being an entrepreneur is amazing and this shop shows everyone how truly amazing and brilliant all entrepreneurs are. From startups to pitching, to selling our first product, we are a different breed of people who now have a unique way to show our express our entrepreneurial spirit. So whether you are a teen, a kid, or an adult you can finally Say What You Want to Say.

CEO's Only

CEOS ONLY | Say What You Want To Say
Say What You Want To Say | Say What You Want to Say- Apparel and accessories for entrepreneurs of all ages!
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Entrepreneur Apparel
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