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Encourage Business Team Promotions

Keeping Employees Motivated

Every industry boasts experts in the field that seem to naturally outperform the competition. Finance, banking, and investment companies often contain some of the most competitive professionals. The race for the top, and the struggle to maintain an edge on the competition, while providing an excellent customer experience creates an interesting and difficult to manage balance for these industry professionals. 

Hiring managers and high ranking business executives are constantly looking for ways to recruit and retain top talent in their respective industries. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to ensure high quality production is to educate the business teams and other front line employees. Implementing employee education and training programs are the fastest way to make a change within an organization. This technique works in virtually every industry, and can begin with a few very simple steps. 

Define the Strategy

While this may seem like and unnecessary task, recent business management and entrepreneurial surveys have revealed that a large percentage of employees are unaware of their company's mission statement. This is a major problem for businesses today, because there is no single company culture that can operate effective if employees feel disconnected with the company as a whole. When most employees of a particular company do not even know what the overall company goal is, they cannot work collectively as a unified team to reach that goal. There is no formal strategy at work within the company, people are simply showing up for a paycheck. This is not only bad news for the company, but it is also discouraging to the employees. Town Hall meetings and various employee programs and incentives only go so far in the matter of retention. Eventually these employees are going to disengage, and take their talents, experience, and knowledge elsewhere. Take the time to develop a companywide mission and value statements, then keep these posted and visible to all employees, all the time. 

Brand the Business

Once clear and attainable goals are set for the company, each employee knows his or her role. They automatically perform better when they are confident about what is expected of them. Now that the ball is rolling, and everyone is onboard with the unified strategy, it is time to brand the business. Employees should be encouraged to develop an elevator pitch. In other words, train employees to automatically brand the business name when appropriate. By the end of any professional discussion, or networking meeting, effective employees will have been able to communicate what industry they are in, what company they work for, and what that company does well. In essence, employees are walking billboards emphasizing why their company is the best in the business. This outcome is a direct result of the introduction of company goals, and making each employee feel like they are a part of the team. Investing in employees in this manner yields wonderful results. The final step is to act on the motivation already in action, and provide additional employee training in relevant fields. 

Empower the Employee

When individual employees feel valued and respected, they will perform at a higher standard. Regular feedback and employee evaluations are important coaching tools, and should be consistently managed across the unit team. It is equally important to have employees develop individual goals, and provide them with the tools to obtain them. For instance, a registered representative may want to move from a customer facing phone group to a more active trading role. The option of taking online trading classes such as Options ANIMAL will help them excel in their current role while also taking ownership of their projected future. Skilled employees are happy employees. They will feel a certain sense of loyalty to the company based on the level of training and investment they received from their supervisors.

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Encourage Business Team Promotions
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