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Embracing My Colors

I Am Me, You Be You.

Hello and happy day! This is a past-post, something I wrote when I, "worked for the man"… that’s what I call trading my time for someone else’s vision. I have "worked for the man" at times when it seemed I couldn’t do anything else. The wolf who knocks at the door is relentless. When the debt to income ratio was off-balance and I felt hopeless about my Creating Happy vision, I would commit myself to finding a great job with the lessons I needed, while being of service. This is my account of the last time and hopefully, the last time I will "work for the man!"

I have lost my conventional mind! The mind of mine that says to conform, to behave and do what the masses do so we can all fit in. I have been on the fray of conformity for as long as I can remember. I think I was six years old, in a recital with my tap dancing troupe. I don’t remember going to practice really. I remember my shiny tap shoes and my neon green costume with the black tutu, getting to wear a little bit of makeup and having my hair pulled so tight I know there were tears. The feeling of being on stage and hearing the music and dancing our routine was so magical, until I looked up and I was doing something completely different then everyone else on stage. I didn’t feel embarrassed. I was wondering why they weren’t doing what I was doing. And so began my not fitting in and for the most part, accepting that.

I don’t fit in with normal. Maybe exclaiming that I am an artist has given me the creative license to be a little off. But off, of what is currently on, is just fine and dandy with me! The majority of my normal has been working an 8:00—5:00, trying honestly to make a difference with the work that we do. But there is so much drama and negativity, the struggle has been real. I work to rise above it and maintain the content of my character when I am surrounded by professional manipulators. So… what do I do?

I have worked tirelessly to be in the light. To live happy and to make a difference with my positivity. Can I create a wave of positivity in my 8:00—5:00 when people there aren’t, to my guess, that interested in happy? It’s the drama and the, “Did your hear,” that invigorates the people who can effect change for the positive, but choose to use their powers for negativity. I believe that people can make a real and positive difference by being kind and working together with the good people that arrive at 8:00—leaving their families, passions, hobbies, and lives to do work that should be good. A day that promises service and camaraderie, but by 1:30 turns into gray pudding. (That’s what our kids used to say when they were little. When they were sick they would say, “I feel like gray pudding.”) Why, I ask, should anyone be okay with gray pudding? There is too much color in this world, so many different colors that are positive and happy. There is no reason to stand in line with Oliver Twist and ask for more because that is what everyone else is doing.

So, good people who read my posts on what Creating Happy means, is and does through me, with me and for me… I am being me and I will encourage you to be you. Although I asked for a "job" where I could be of service, my heart is filled with Creating Happy in my life—what my life has been pointing me towards since I can remember. I will make music with my own drum and appreciate all the music that people will share. I will load my brush with colors that someone else created, but that I can use to create what I imagine. I love making something new and happy with the gifts that have been given to me. I don’t think I am able to squander these gifts anymore, so I will be Creating Happy with more intensity and vibrant colors and I hope you will stay tuned. I think there is a lot unfolding with Creating Happy, and I hope you will join me on this happy journey. WooHoo!

If you ‘Injoy’ and are inspired by my musings, please consider tipping me as I work and play to stay true to my vision of Creating Happy with the gifts I was born with.

In Love & Happy Light, Deb

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Embracing My Colors
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