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Do You Understand?


They say if you're great at something NEVER do it for free. Well actually Joker said that in Dark Knight. But still, a great “mo” to stand by and force people to respect. But make sure you're really good otherwise, it won’t work.

I realize not everyone you think is for you is actually. It takes going through some extremely tough times to know who is who, and who you are. I mean, I’ve lost an incredible amount of weight coming to terms with this. Some of the toxic ones are right next to you. Funny, some people may think I’m sick...not I just don’t have money, nor consistent income. Plus the entertainment industry aka “show biz” hasn’t let me in yet...go figure! But I know what I want so...Destiny Is All!

Chasing my dreams, it’s funny that others try to dictate what direction you should go, which is based on their cynical agendas. Well I’m like fuc* that, I’m doing what matters to me, what makes me happy. I don’t care what others think. These hidden agendas can even come from close friends, family members, co-workers, everyone is jockeying for mental space if you will.

Take my preference for women...I get backlash for that! What the hell do you care what I like. Again, that’s those agendas that others want to force upon you. I’m like “look, piss off, I don’t care about your historic propaganda, the old stories of who the original people, man piss off. I’m doing me, I’m moving how I want in this world, point blank period.”

I’m in the entertainment industry, right, but haven’t really got my feet wet. No big projects, no major contract deal as of yet. I’m working on them, but as I said that invisible element of condescension perceptual outlooks on individuals, as I like to categorise it as. Got me as this struggling actor phase and it’s no bueno, they see the talent but still keep me from elevating the way I’m supposed to.

Have you ever seen Focus with Will Smith and how he uses the pictorial strategies “optics” to make the Asian gambler choose 44. To bring that into real life, as most of you folks never even notice nor understood till now. “4:44” Did a light bulb pop, well yes that’s what they are doing, Roc Nation just to promote an album. Personally, I don’t like the album and I didn’t really listen to it, nor will I. But the point is that they do this just to force their thing on you subconsciously, and that was the point focus during that whole scene. My thing is you're not doing anything for me, no feature, no deal, no nothing. Why am I listening to you again???

Now yes, I want to get signed to a major label, an entertainment company, endorsement deals the whole nine. But they would have to have my best interest, as it’s a partnership. But Roc Nation does not. Prime example, as I like and follow Rita Ora. I would hope she has seen my efforts to get noticed by her, and perhaps follow me back. Even work with me since I do music as well. But nonetheless, as I’m researching labels, music, productions, you know the arts.

She was in litigation with Roc Nation for some industry complexities, you can look it up. But it showed me that Roc Nation is a horrible organization to work with. I even started to dislike the music they promote...what are you saying??

If you’d like to follow me on my endeavors, which I gladly welcome. Positive people only though. Hit my Facebook page @OfficialVBJ. If you have other social media sites, you can find all of my on that same page. I think my twitter is up there too, if not I’m @victorbestjr

Thanks for reading and will meet again. Peace!

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Do You Understand?
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