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Distractions and Lack of Motivation

How to get motivated and be successful

I am very easily distraction. I am also not easily motivated when it comes to things that benefit me. I have a book I bought back in March 2015 that I haven't even finished. I also bought the first season of Dragon Ball a couple of months ago, and I have yet to finish that. Another huge issue I have is that I procrastinate a lot. Everyday I tell myself that I will exercise and be more active. The doctor told me about six months ago I need to be more active or risk becoming overweight. That advice for some reason was not enough to get me motivated. I just started to be serious about exercise last week.

My life is full of distractions. I watch tons of TV, I check twitter multiple times daily, I play video games nearly everyday, and I purchase and read comics weekly. And I also eat a lot. I'm constantly doing something. With all that and a few other things, I can't seem to focus on what I am truly passionate about. Which is writing.

It took me a week to finally write this article. I have also been writing my first novel. I started writing back in 2013. Since then the novel has been through six different versions. I was on and off a ton with that project. But this year I have been more focused with it. I hope to finish it by the end of this year.

So why do the things we care the most about get pushed back and sometimes forgotten about? Why, for some of us, does our passion and motivation seem to hit a standstill? These questions can be easily answered, but hard to fix.

We all have a desire to be successful in one way or another. We all have something we are really passionate about. And we all have dreams with the goal of accomplishing them. For some we may make excuses or self doubt overwhelms us. For others it may be outside factors that are out of their control. So how do we motivate ourselves and avoid the distractions that stop us from being successful? Well lets provide some answers and solutions.

One question we must ask ourselves is how serious and willing we are to commit to a specific goal. Commitment is a huge factor in getting things done. You must be willing to sacrifice certain things to accomplish your goal. Doing this will be hard for some of us, but it can be done trust me. For me to be writing a novel, I have to stop watching TV and avoid social media. By doing this I've been quite successful. My novel is finally taking shape. But enough about me. Back to you.


An easy way to get started is by writing out what goal you want to aim for and how you will accomplish it. You can also use a calendar to make sure your on track and see your progress. Visual aids are a great way to see and better understand your goal. You'll also see the rewards you'll reap. There also tons of apps or websites you can use as well.

So now you have planned out your goal and seen whats possible from completing it, now comes getting motivated. The feeling of having a dream and wanting it to come true is a feeling that can make us feel like anything is possible. But even that may not be enough to motivate us. So what things can we do to help motivate and push ourselves to getting something done?

Well one thing we can do is find support in other people. Friends or family members are a great source to motivate us. They can provide financial support, but just don't beg for money. Present to them your vision and show your willingness to see it get done, and you may just get a little financial help. They can also help make things less stressful, and provide other help you may need. When you show your drive to be successful, others may notice and want to help.

Your percentage of success is based on your determination and effort to work hard and make certain sacrifices. Your road to success will no doubt be bumpy. You may feel like quitting, but don't. If you feel as if you wont be successful, you'll lose motivation and the process of getting motivated will be even more tough to get over.

Hopefully this would encourage you to knock out the distractions and get motivated. If your reading this article then it is proof it can be done. I've missed some of my favorite shows and I miss playing video games. But it was worth it. I'm exercising more, and finishing that book I got from 2015. Also my novel is taking shape and I hope to post many other articles. Writing is my passion and I'll sacrifice the little things to be successful at it.

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Distractions and Lack of Motivation
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