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Discernment of Life Calling — Excerpt 10

Excerpt 10

CHAPTER 1: The problem with regular jobs

Section 8: The myth of full-time, permanent jobs

The incontrovertible reality of corporate life (at least in the private sector) is that “full-time, permanent jobs” have become a myth. They don’t really exist any more. There are, of course, a full array of full-time jobs that are available in just about every industry and commercial sector, but the permanency of jobs has given way to transient convenience and temporary needs. Workers have learned that if corporations don’t feel a sense of dedication to their employees and are willing to sacrifice them by almost any prerogative, then workers don’t have to feel a sense of loyalty to one employer any longer either. What’s good for one party has become good for the other as well.

The rise in subcontracting and out-sourcing has contributed largely to the realization that work doesn’t have to equate to a job. The employee-employer relationship has in many instances transformed itself into a service provider/service requirer relationship, and both parties have benefited from the shift. Instead of a dependency connection between employee and employer, or worse yet, a codependency rapport between two dysfunctional parts, subcontracting and outsourcing have allowed an interdependent relationship to develop that is more flexible and less restrictive. A contractual arrangement can be commenced or terminated based on the best interests of both parties involved. The work environment has become much more of a level playing field on which service providers and service requirers can approach each other as equals in an economic equation.

To further underscore the myth of full-time, permanent jobs, consider the increasing phenomenon of individuals pursuing multiple careers in a lifetime. Not only do workers change jobs when advisable, but they also change careers when it is to their advantage. Why is this? To a large extent, we must recognize that there may be no one job that can fully and completely fulfill a life calling. Full-time careers perhaps come close for those individuals who are satisfied with what their life and work are all about. But for people who continue searching for the perfect job or career, the lack of total satisfaction should tell them that there is much more going on in their lives than simply the wrong jobs or wrong careers.

There is nothing wrong with failing at a job or a career if it brings you to the realization that life holds more for you than you have allowed yourself to gain until now. From a positive perspective, failure is only a signpost that you’re headed along the wrong path, or in the manner. It can serve the purpose of redirecting you to a more rightful path.

The search for meaningful work is never ending, but some people give up much too easily and settle for whatever comes their way. For those who have the heart and soul to make it to their destiny, there is a meaningful lifework that is waiting. All it takes is a little courage, determination and leadership, and the willingness to be true to self.


With the rise in subcontracting and out-souring, in what ways does your work not have to equate to a job?


How much does your job really fulfill you? In what ways are you in the wrong job or wrong career? What does that tell you about your life and work?


If the search for meaningful work is never ending, how have you given up and settled for whatever came your way?


In what ways has a regular job become a problem for you? What are the solutions available within your employment? What are the solutions available outside your current job?

Copyright © 2017, Joseph Civitella.

Joseph Civitella
Joseph Civitella

Joseph Civitella, PhD, is a life-long student of metaphysics – the quest for truth, meaning and purpose – and is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry. He operates the School of LifeWork (

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Discernment of Life Calling — Excerpt 10
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