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Disability Rights and Working

I have the right to work.

I have been working from home since I moved elsewhere from where I used to live. I’ve heard it said that there used to be a work from home stigma attached but many in 2018 do work from home at a solid job. With my knee healing up, I can’t afford to work out of the house just yet. I might be able to tolerate a job I have to sit down at. But the nutritional supplement store is a standing up job. I would keep my shifts short starting out. I wrote in my last survey for my job training school that nobody wants to hire someone with multiple chronic illnesses or disability outright.

I was let go from one work from home job by somebody deleting my work record. Needless to say I filed a complaint since the person wanted to falsify survey data, which I refused to do. I want a job walking distance from home. The insurance gig might be good as is a tax preparation gig I found that you have to pay for class with. Funny, that-I refuse to do anything dishonest for anybody else because the proper way of dealing with her problem is to track down the person who had the survey data.

So is my current work situation. I am busy waiting to hear back from the others about my complaint. I mean I was wrongfully terminated in one job and well, I’m terrified of Twitter. I refuse to use that social network, even for work. I have compunction to avoid Twitter. I just can’t stand it. Another work from home job didn’t pay me. We disabled people get screwed over. I mean the family says to get used to that, as they feel they do not need to intervene when somebody is mean to me.

But then again they aren’t on meds for their own problems, so you know what, I don’t take them seriously. Not a word they say will ever be taken seriously by me again since it isn’t reasonable. When they return, I plan on escaping their orbit. This requires having enough money to escape. I will be a traveler for a while, going to different places in California in order to hide. I did find a tutoring from home gig. All I need is a headset and to pass the IT test. I looked up my computer specs and sent it to them to see if my computer will pass. All I need to do is buy a headset.

Having money will change my life. I’m used to being low income. I have no idea what it’s like to have money more than $1,000, period. If I ever make real money, the family will know that yet another untruth about my inability to make money has been spoken. Yes, I want a job. All I have to do is take care of myself really well. A job that is walking distance from my house since I plan on living here for a long time until I have enough money to live at UCLA, on campus for awhile for law school, then bounce to San Diego State for that M.S., and I can easily take a few undergrad psych classes at San Jose State if the need arises before I transfer my units. It will be the first day of law school soon enough. In between then and now, I can easily do other things to prepare like taking a Penn Foster paralegal class or actual classes at De Anza to earn something like a paralegal degree. I’m excited. Because I have options for work now, and the insurance company I found does require I pay $200 for materials and licensing. They believe in work-life balance, which is great for me because I’m hardly a pushy sales person, period. I don’t believe in pushing people around to get them to buy stuff. So this company is also about letting people work less hours, on commission, which I don’t mind. I was once working for Cutco on commission anyway. I have options lining up. I’m happy and less stressed out. Now if I can nail a middle of the night reading that is perfect at 11 PM, I’m set because I will be sleeping through the night daily. As a survivor of untreated pediatric schizoaffective, I was sleep deprived throughout my childhood. But in my adult life, this will be different. 

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Disability Rights and Working
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