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Dear Diary

Today, I just want to disappear...

Entry I 

Dear Diary, 

Today I just want to disappear. These girls at work... I thought we were friends. However, all of a sudden they’ve just changed and not for the better. Harassing me in and out of work. I can’t even have a day off without getting texts or phone calls about work related things or them bullying me about things I never said or did cause they believe all the lies Veronica has fed them. Veronica and I used to be close. Hanging out till 3 am, talking, laughing things best friends would do, but she’s shown her true colors now. She’s a pathological manipulative liar. The other girls at work who are her friends even said so themselves, yet they still include her in their group. Jane is younger than me and she’s the most disrespectful disgusting human being I’ve ever met. She’s all talk and no game. However, harassing and bullying in and outside of work has gotten the best of me. I’m tired, depressed, and even considered cutting again. I told my boss, but they still do it. If I complain again I’m the one whose most likely going to get fired and not them. It sucks. I hate my life. I deal with so much negativity at home as it is and now I can’t even escape it at work. Why me? Why does everything bad have to happen to me? I’ve done nothing to deserve this... till tomorrow diary... hopefully...

Entry II

Dear Diary,

Today was better, until Jane decided she didn’t want to do anything and left me to do everything myself. She already took a 30 min lunch break and was just sitting there not doing anything. LIKE HELLO?! I’m not the only employee here. I’m so annoyed, I’m at my wits end. But Karma's a bitch and so am I. So I’m gonna just let Karma do what she does best and try to keep doing me. I’m smart and beautiful... I don’t need this. I don’t do that to anyone so what makes it okay to do it to me? I just don’t understand. Till next time.

Entry III

Dear Diary,

5 months later.

I finally did it. I quit, I found a better job starting soon. I'm happy for once in my life. I never thought I would be able to say that. Karma was a bitch in all the right ways. Everyone got what they deserved and it was a huge SLAP to the face. But it's not my problem anymore. I know it's wrong to say this, but I  wish them the worst in life. They are awful people. I don't know why they are so freakin' hateful. It's so disgusting the way people treat other people.  

Entry IV

Dear Diary,

The new job still hasn't called back even though they hired me. I'm getting worried. However, I'm applying like crazy anyway to anything. So, hopefully things work out. So pray for me. I'm super, super nervous like I just want to start. Hopefully it’s not as bad and a fresh start to new beginnings. Also hopefully I can save up and go back to school and hopefully get a better job and achieve my associate’s degree. That’s all I want right now is to achieve my education. It’s so expensive though which kills me. But I’m trying my hardest and keep getting knocked down. Over and over it never fails something goes wrong. I’m trying though. I’m reconnecting with old friends and being happy for once in a long time. It’s all going to pay off one day. I’m ready.