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Dealing with Your Part-time Job until Fame Kicks In

Not everyone walks the red carpet. Sometimes it's white tiles & you're behind the register getting attacked by a rude customer.

Not everyone dreams of walking the red carpet, some people like yelling at their customers in their retail job.

I like this world where everybody wants to be a somebody, as most people say. What they don't realize is how everybody is already a somebody no matter what you do; other than the bad things like cheat, lie, steal, and everything that goes with those nasty things. But the real stars in this world are people who work in or around the retail industry like the custodians, delivery truck drivers, security, and, of course, the actual retail workers. Everyone is connected in some small way, but a mall is like another world; it either sucks or it's great. They're usually overpopulated, and there's a vast diversity of human species that wander the mall. They're actually there to shop or because of boredom, it depends on who you ask. But the main focus of today's documentary are the retail workers that want more out of life.

Retail associates are made up of struggling college students, old people that don't want to retire, because they've worked all their lives, and managers/supervisors that act superior over everyone else because of their position in the store when really they're just people like us and exert their negative energy on their workers so they can feel better. There's probably more, but based on my own experiences, this is what I have found. Retail associates deserve more credit than they are given. Some of them are even attacked by several humans called 'racists' for not giving them a discount or because they missed the return/exchange policy day. Understand that we are only following the store's policies/rules, we cannot give you a discount or make a 'special exception' for you because you're the same race or you're more privileged in life than us. If we made a special exception for you than everyone that's witnessing your outbreak should be given a 'special exception.' No, that's not how we work. That's just one of the many things that retail workers have to deal with.

Some retail workers have bigger dreams than being scolded by their managers, because they didn't make sales goal that day (instead of scolding your workers for not making the sales goal, how about you ask your employees for suggestions on how to make sales? Also, don't go into your office and talk about your employees behind their backs. If you have a problem with them, how about you let them know that?). Some of us want to live the life of a celebrity and walk the red carpet while waving to the paparazzi and then trip over a construction cone and laugh about it later on before going in to sit for the Emmy Awards. Not all of us want to walk the white tiles of a Nordstrom and put down that cute shirt that was way overpriced when all it had was a cat sticking it's head out of the pocket and the rest of it's body is in the pocket. NO. We want more than an eight hour, five days a week, earning $10.50 per hour life! (I only work five hours, two days a week, earning $11.00 per hour. That ain't gonna pay the bills!). #TheStruggleIsReal 

I'm sure one day someone is gonna have their camera ready and catch you doing something so hilarious or something so unforgettable that next week you'll end up on Good Morning America or FOX News, depending on what you did, just make sure that it's legal and within your skillset. Fame will kick in eventually. Just wait and see. But make sure to respect all living things in nature, they are simply doing their jobs. The trees give us oxygen, the animals provide us with meat, and Stephanie enters her manager code so that you can close the register at the end of your shift. It's that simple. 

Bobby M.
Bobby M.

Okay here we go. I love superheroes and how they inspire people to be better than they were before. Speaking and writing the truth is very important for yourself and the people. Also animals can tell when you're lying, don't lie to yourself

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Dealing with Your Part-time Job until Fame Kicks In
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