Darkest Light

It Begins

Darkest Light; It Begins

In 2032, the only thing on 17-year-old Kain's mind is getting through his grade 11 year with his friends and sister, without any trouble. With summer coming to an end and high school starting back up, Kain and his best friends, Thom, Jane, Jen and his sister Elaine are looking forward to sports and new relationships. The goal of a simple year crumbles when Raphael, a new student, arrives. After a life or death situation, Raphael tells Kain that not everything is what it seems. Unable to leave it alone, Kain confronts his father, Brady, and learns that he, and many others are Chosen, super humans with extraordinary abilities. Kain’s world crashes down around him when he learns that his father’s friends are being hunted down by a mysterious group, angered at past sins. To make matters worse, on a live broadcast made by the U.S. Government, a small group of Rogue Chosen, aided by Demons, attack, throwing the world into panic. With trouble sprouting up at every corner, can Kain rise up to lead? Can he discover what and who he truly is? 


I am a self-published aspiring author, and this is my first science fiction and fantasy book from a four book planned series, and a starting point for a whole universe I'm creating. It's a mixture of superheroes with the supernatural, and a well balanced mix of major characters and support and minor characters. Multiple movies, TV shows, and books portray demons and angels in different ways, same with monsters, and I have taken my own turn to create a mythos for creatures like vampires, werewolves, and the origin of super powered beings. 

It is a series that is a "what if..." scenario based on my family, friends, and me, obviously in a fictional sense since none of us can really fly, or shoot lightning bolts from our hands, or shapeshift. Although that would be really cool, and the flying would save on air travel. But it's a series that all started when I was back in grade 9, and I originally wanted to make video games, cause c'mon, who doesn't want to create video games? But, I was just sitting around my class looking at everyone, thinking to myself, "How cool would it be if we were all superheroes?" And I mean, it is a pretty cool thought, but then I took it deeper and decided to base it in the future on all of our kids, and their adventures. So from then on I just ran with it, but not without documenting things that could play in a different book series based on the parents. 

So through four years of high school the ideas, adventures, everything was just culminating and I wrote out a game manuscript for the beginning of the game, but stopped until I went to college. Of course, as you probably guessed, it was to pursue a career in video games. But, after one semester I just felt dead and just knew that wasn't my calling. So, against some people's advice, but with some encouragement from some family and a lot of my closest friends(some that are written in my books) I dropped out of school and moved back home. After quite a bit of time trying to figure out what to do next, I worked for a few months. Then in June I started writing and the first chapter was born. After passing out hard copies and emailing it to my friends and some people I worked with, everyone came back with wanting more, and that was a huge dose of encouragement. Six months later, Darkest Light; It Begins was done. After so much editing, finding an artist to do my cover, June 2nd marked the day my first book was available on Amazon. 

To anyone who is reading this, I do hope you enjoy the back story to my book, and maybe even enjoy reading it.