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Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Create your Twitter marketing strategy with these tips.

Before starting your marketing strategy, it is a good idea to ask yourself why you are doing this, what are your goals for this marketing strategy?

Here are some methods you can use to create your Twitter marketing strategy and get yourself and your business off the ground.

#1 Follow and participate in Twitter discussions.

Twitter is a definite place to stay informed and up to date on current information. By keeping on track of the topmost discussions as well as participating and tweeting in those discussions, it will help to gather a lot of attention to yourself and your business/brand. Using a Twitter program like Tweetdeck will help you keep track of hashtags that are currently trending and help you keep up with the most current conversations.

Monitor and watch conversations that align with your business or brand to keep yourself up to date and participate where you can. By participating in these top discussions and conversations you will have a chance to get to know key influencers and follow them. This will also help you in making good connections with these people by chatting with them.

#2 Go live with video Tweets.

There is research supporting the fact that 80 percent of the people who watch a video on Twitter remember it. This can be the best way to promote your brand and make a more personal appearance on Twitter, giving a closer connection with your followers and possible clients.

This gives action and interaction in real-time and instantly. Keep your audience engaged and have an outline of what you are going to cover with your live video. You want to have a plan in place and a guideline of what you are going to cover in your video to keep you on track while engaging in conversation with the people watching your video.

#3 Tweet for a cause.

People expect companies and brands to take up a stance on social and environmental issues. By voicing out for a cause, your support helps to show your strength and willingness to stand up to or for something. This allows you to have a larger impact on your followers and potential clients.

Analyze and participate in causes your brand or business is for and supporting. Voice up where you stand on certain issues and share them with your followers. While doing this you can also create your own hashtags and get your followers to engage with you and spread the hashtag you have created. This will help to lead back to you and your business/brand.

#4 Use Twitter chats.

Many people using Twitter get too focused on “How do I get more Twitter followers?” What you should be concerned with is “How do I get more active followers?” One of the best answers to this is Twitter chats. Twitter chats is a strong avenue for gaining more active followers and strengthening the relationships with current followers.

The Twitter chats are so effective because people enjoy actively engaging in them. These people are also people who actually enjoy engaging in social media and if you are creating interesting and engaging chats they are more likely to follow you. These people are also more likely to retweet your tweets, giving you even more exposure.

Social media marketing is a must for brands and businesses. Having a good marketing plan is a must. If you don’t have the time to keep up with social media platforms there are many different automation tools you can use. Remember that you want to target relevant audiences to keep your business going and alive. Using these strategies can help you to grow your business or brand and creating good content will pull people into interactions with you which is what you want. People will want to get to know you and business before becoming a client, building that personal relationship is an important part of running a business and promoting your brand.

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Creating a Twitter Marketing Strategy
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