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Corporate Swag Products Every Startup Should Give Away

Want to send off the best impression to future customers? These are the hottest corporate swag products every startup should use to promote their name.

Ah, corporate swag. Whether people want to admit it or not, corporate swag products are a great way to get your company's name out—and a great way to establish a rapport with the very people you want to buy your products. 

The fact is, though, that not all swag is made equal. There's only so many business cards and pamphlets you can hand out before you realize that, too. 

Want to give away some seriously impressive stuff that'll have your name remembered? Experts say that these are the hottest giveaway items that startups are using to promote their brand, and why people love them. 

Edge 2,000 Power Bank

If there's one thing people absolutely, positively dread, it's having their cell phones run out of juice. Your company can be the guys who save the day—all by offering up corporate swag products that help keep their phones charged. 

This slick power bank allows you to put your logo on a tool your clients will actually want to use. Each bank allows you to store up to 2000mAh of power, and comes with all the equipment your clients need for it to stay charged. 

Needless to say, this is a great way to help your clients associate your company's name with saving the day. 

Recycled Cardboard Journal Books

If you're a green company, then it only makes sense to invest in corporate swag products that reflect your company's ideals. Most promotional items are terrible for the environment, and don't even try to make an effort to be otherwise. That's where this sturdy, beautiful, and incredibly useful recycled cardboard journal comes into play. 

This gorgeous journal will have your logo embossed on it, and will have your potential clients feeling confident in your company's dedication to Mother Earth—all while presenting a very stylish twist to your giveaways. 

Bamboo Glasses and Wine Valet

Notebooks aren't the only thing that can be Earth-friendly, you know. This gorgeous bamboo wine valet is the best way to show off your brand's taste for the finer things in life while also promoting the use of one of the most renewable sources of wood known to man. 

Make no mistake about it, giving away a wine valet is a great way to show you work for an elegant company. If you want to show that you're a company of class, few corporate swag products will do it like this will. 

Wine & Spirit Companions

Looking for a similarly stylish way to flaunt your company's name? A wine and spirit companion toolkit will do it well. This one is made with rustproof stainless steel, and even has a magnifying glass built in for easy label reading. 

This metal companion will likely be able to withstand the test of time—much like the company that gives these babies away. 

Horizons 20" Duffel Bag

Most people who give away "swag bags" do so with the wrong approach. They choose flimsy little drawstring purses that end up getting thrown away immediately after they're received. If you want to make the right impression, you need to go for quality they'd expect to get from the store. 

Want to keep things looking sporty but upscale? Look no further than an elegant duffel bag emblazoned with your company logo. This particular one has a bunch of different compartments, as well as a zippered shoe bag. 

Urban 15" Computer Backpack

Once again, if you're looking for corporate swag products that make the right impression, you're going to need to veer away from the tired excuse of a "backpack" your competitors are giving away. 

Realistically, you could probably sell this computer backpack with your logo and actually have your investment in this swag pay for itself. It looks that good—and when your logo is silkscreened on it, it'll look even better. 

Pedova Passport Wallet

A large part of how well your company is perceived is based on its style. That's why getting fashionable promotional products is so crucial to building a brand. After all, no one wants to be seen with trashy tees or "dad hats" with badly embroidered logos. 

If you're looking for a stylish way to ensure that people will bring your corporate swag products with them on their next trip, why not get them an upscale wallet with your logo stamped on it? It's stylish, looks designer, and will definitely end up being coveted swag. 

Independent Trading Company French Terry Full-Zip Hoodie

Everyone and their grandma has a line of promotional swag products in the form of tee shirts. That's why no one cares if they get a free tee shirt anymore. Want to really set yourself apart with your audience? If you do, or if you just want promo swag that will have people spending money to buy, then you're going to need to consider getting a hoodie. 

A French terry full-zip hoodie is comfortable, snuggly, and also has the added perk of being high quality enough to be fit for resale. It goes beyond trade shows, and can easily provide a cool cornerstone for your own merch line. What more is there to say?

Stone Ceramic Mug

Much like with tee shirts, every company out there has a coffee mug that they use as part of promo swag. The problem is, most promo mugs are made from the same old ceramic model as everyone else's. This is great if you're on a budget, maybe, but the fact is that it won't help your company stand out. 

Want people to pay attention to your label? Then consider getting a slick stone ceramic mug instead. This one, for example, can pack 16 ounces of coffee and a seriously stylish spin on a standard take on corporate swag products. 

BPA-Free Rugged Sport Bottles

Promotional Sports and Water Bottles | Logo Sports and Water Bottles | Custom Sports and Water Bottles
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Last but not least, why not encourage your clients to get some proper hydration? Sport bottles have long been classic corporate swag products, but if you want to stand out, you're going to need to show that you're always looking for a quality product. 

These water bottles are easy to care for, look stylish as anything you'd find in a standard store, and also are BPA-free. Any company that's health-centric will probably find this to be the best swag they can offer their clients. After all, it's a quality promo product for a quality company. 

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