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Cool Products You Need If Your Office Is Always Cold

We all have that one coworker who keeps dialing the thermostat down to "cold as a witch's teat." That's why we found the coolest products you need if your office is always cold.

Offices are generally supposed to be comfortable places — and that can be problematic, since different people will find different temperatures comfortable. This can lead to problems when you don't agree with the person in charge of the thermostat.

Some office workers will insist on keeping the thermostat between "sweltering" and "Death Valley." Others will keep it balanced between "I'm related to Elsa from Frozen" and "Disney's cryogenic freezing tank is warmer." 

If you're sweltering, there's not much you can do. Thankfully, it's fairly easy to warm up if your office is a bit chillier than normal. Here are some products you need if your office is always cold. 

Kenniston Fleece-Lined Boots by Timberland

Stop Jack Frost nipping at your toes by getting super-snuggly boots that are lined with fleece, such as the Kenniston boots from Timberland. They're stylish enough to pass for workwear, and also are rugged enough to handle hikes during the weekend.

We're pretty sure that a good pair of boots is how Russians deal with the cold in Siberia. So, we're sold. 

Cozy Chic Throw by Barefoot Dreams

Sometimes, the best way to warm up in a cold, cold office is with the help of a cozy blanket. This easy-to-clean and touchably soft blanket from Barefoot Dreams looks professional enough for the office and pretty enough from home. No matter where you are, a throw like this will ensure you stay warm in style. 

Bob Ross's Happy Little Blanket by ThinkGeek

On the other hand, if you have a geeky sense of style with an office to match, you might be able to get away with a more unique kind of accessory — this Happy Little Blanket featuring everyone's favorite painter, Bob Ross!

It's warm. It's happy. It's way more cuddly than a space heater. What more could you want? It's one of the coolest products you need if your office is always cold, period. 

Kolby Brushed Scarf by Free People

Scarves are a product you need if your office is always cold, but you are always expected to stay stylish. So, you might as well invest in one that's versatile enough to work with any outfit — like Kolby. 

Made of brushed yarn that naturally keeps warmth close to your body, the Kolby Brushed Scarf is stylish, functional, and easy to clean. It comes in plenty of colors, and offers the wearer a million different ways to wrap up in comfort. 

Cashmere Infinity Scarf by Halogen

Wanna treat yourself to something really nice? Then, invest in this satiny, super-warming infinity scarf made completely out of knit cashmere. You'll have coworkers getting heated over how comfortable and toasty you look throughout the day. 

Go ahead, treat yourself. Once you wrap yourself up in cashmere, cold will be a distant memory. 

Hayley Long Cardigan by UGG

UGG is famous for its super soft, warm booties — but that's not all they make. One of the best products you need to stay warm if your office is always cold is UGG's Hayley cardigan. 

This cardigan is button up and long in length, which means you can dress it up or down. It's made of silky cotton with cable accents, and has stylish shawl lapel accents, too. Looking professional has never been so toasty!

Ribbed Crew Socks by UGG

Socks are awesome. That's why they're one of the most affordable products you need if your office is always cold. These socks from UGG are snuggly and breathable — but also keep chills away from your feet. 

Ceramic Heater from Comfort Zone

If you're a group stuck in a small office room, then one of the products you need if your office is always cold, is a space heater. This affordable heater blasts hot air throughout your room, and blows the cold air out the door. 

It's also compact enough to be hidden from a boss who might be masquerading as Jack Frost. So, if he comes in and complains about the temperature, he won't be able to yell at you over messing with the thermostat's temperature settings.

USB Mug Warmer by Neoteck

Love coffee? Love tea? Hot chocolate? Then this USB-powered mug warmer ranks highly among products you need if your office is always cold. Just plug it into your computer, and let the warmer heat up your coffee for temporary relief from the cold. 

This will make the Starbucks Cold Brew your boss got you warm. It also makes tea time at the office easier to do, even if you think your boss is mad as a hatter. 

Cable Knit Earmuffs by Nirvanna Designs

If your coworkers have jammed the thermostat to the point that your ears feel like they're about to fall off, Nirvanna Designs has got you covered. They do it by making some of the warmest ear muffs ever, too!

These cable knit wool and faux fur earmuffs will keep you toasty — and will also help protect your ears from hearing your boss ask if anyone wants iced coffee despite it being the middle of winter.

Dreamin' Narwhal Kigurumi by ThinkGeek

While this isn't one of the more normal products you need if your office is always cold, it definitely would get attention — and possibly open up a dialogue about why you have to wear a Japanese narwhal onesie. 

If you've been trying to convince your boss that the icy temperature has got to stop, then this is one (admittedly warm and snuggly) way to do it. Also, it works as a good Halloween costume or way to get fired.