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Cliffnotes Website

One Business Idea at a Time

What I want to start is a website that will feature literature cliff notes and citations online from tons of different books including science fiction/fantasy and American literature all across the board, as well as eventually global literature. This website, which is currently fictional, would make sure that people to get paid for reading a book and writing a summary as a work from home sort of gig. We would have selections of books to read, and then write about, all in the category of literature only. A book would be available digitally as well, like Project Gutenberg has books on their website, since I would have to program a website that can highlight sections of the book for paper writing.

This idea involves a huge database of books that I’d like to be able to pay $10 a summary for. This idea is kind of new to add to the work from home website ideas already floating around. The database would include all kinds of literature from all over the planet. People would be paid to write a summary of the book, a kind of Cliffnotes style paper. They’d be paid $10 a paper, as the way I’d prefer it.

I’m not the sort of business owner who thinks, how can I make the most money by screwing people over? The database would include a way to look up keywords in the files themselves. I don’t know what kind of file to include with this stuff, but the thing is, we have to provide a means to upload the file into the database itself, as a Word file turned into whatever it is the internet can upload. The website itself would contain a login for writers since this website is for writers only and not necessarily clients.

The internet Cliffnotes style and literature database would make it possible to put in a search term so that you can find it in the book itself. We’d scan the books into the website just like Google is trying to do, or we could use Google’s existing collection of scanned books. But the thing is, this is a website meant to help people taking English classes. I need to find programmers for this website. This website would provide employment for many people on top of that. The website is meant to help people with their English papers. We could also have a function in which we edit papers against the backdrop of summaries that give you an English class-style metaphor interpretation.

We would summarize what happens in the book itself. These are books that many people should already have in their bookshelves. The website would be self-sustaining on a server somewhere. The website requires that we program it appropriately because it needs to have a user-friendly interface. When I encounter websites that have similar functions, I want to look at the design, to see how I can design my website to be functional. Web designers with more experience than myself can help me because I need to learn more HTML for that.

Businesses are as slow growing as gardens. They take a while to put together. This is why I’m cultivating my garden right now because I’m trying to learn patience. As an impatient person, I’m pretty much trying to learn more patience although I can be very patient when I need to be as I have patience drilled into me from the discipline of yoga, which calms down my anxiety. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m very careful with this business stuff and by that I mean I do not go to events for other entrepreneurs. I wouldn’t go since I know now to keep my mouth shut so that I do not spill my ideas to anybody not worthy of it, who may, in fact, screw me over.