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Cherish Time

Cherish all the time that you have as you grow because it flies by.

Treasure your childhood, enjoy your teen years, and Cherish your adult years. 

When you are the child, you are happy you have very little responsibilities to do. Just brush your teeth, wash your face, clean your room, and help clean your bathroom. Then all you have to do is read, play, and learn. When you start to become older and begin school, you start to learn to socialize and fill your brain with knowledge. But it seems to be fun and games in elementary school.

As we grow older and hit junior high, our school workload grows bigger. We have more chores to do to earn a better allowance. But we also see the influences of older kids living their life. This is the time when we start to want the need for more freedom. We want to have the best new clothes, new technology, and the popularity.

We want so badly to break out of the boundaries of a kid and become apart of the age of the late teen years or adulthood. When we hit high school this is the time we are earning our permit to drive. We can start to explore careers that we can pursue in college. We can also start to get a job even if it's a crappy fast food job or babysitting. We can earn money and start to save money as well. We start to take on more responsibilities and we are given more responsibilities.

This is the time when we hit our rebellious routes because we long for more freedom. But our parents keep us close because they want us to graduate with good grades. They want us to graduate high school, earn a good job, pursue a career, and earn a living. They offer hell but at times we may not take it. This is the time we wished we could live on our own, go to college, and have more fun.

Growing up, time seems so slow because we don't have to worry about anything. Our parents are the ones that take care of us. We rebel against them so we can earn more freedom. But when you graduate high school and you start college, you may not realize it but time goes fast. I graduated on time and earned a job but then when I started school, I focused on my grades and impressing my family to make them proud. I've been going to school for three semesters. I'm currently in my fourth semester right now. I started at 18-years-old and I'm turning 20 on April 22nd.

From ages 16-18, you want to travel and enjoy life to the fullest. But no one actually considers that at this age, you are becoming an adult. By the time you graduate from high school, you are an adult. The early stages of adulthood. Time flies by fast. I was a shy kid but I've still enjoyed my life. I'm in college but I am so happy. Yes, I may not have a job and I'm a full-time student that doesn't have many friends where I live. But I am earning grades to graduate with my associate's degree before I go on to get my bachelor's degree and finally earn my master’s degree.

It's hard, yes, but it's all worth it. Time flies fast, don't rebel against your parents. Take advantage of the time with them. If you can live with them during college, do it. It'll benefit you later on. Treasure the time your childhood gives you. Because you never realize how fast your life transitions from a kid to a teenager, and to an adult. Once you are an adult, it's harder to act like a kid. So enjoy life to the fullest no matter what!