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Charles Tyrwhitt – Official Review

I'm not too sure if I'll be using that free delivery anytime soon.

Courtesy of Charles Tyrwhitt UK

I have to push myself to be honest in this review. As much as my initial impression of this company was very good, the end was not.

I had signed up for newsletters months before and couldn't stop myself from clicking the links in the emails. This meant that every time I received an email, I was redirected to the CTShirts website. It is a good website. The clothes were of good quality and the reviews were nothing shy of amazing! I went on to purchase a triple pack of the newly-released Cuff Knots; these were as a gift for 2 family members and then a pair for me to keep for myself.

All was good and well until I had my first problem. The site had not saved my order as I went from one device to another to pay, which meant that I could have lost the item if it went out of stock. I was 100% logged into my account and it did not save the order, but no biggy. Right?

After eventually getting to the checkout and being ready to make my payment - my promotional code was being labelled 'Invalid'. I tried re-entering the code multiple times before realising that I'd have to contact support. Trying to contact online support, this failed, I, therefore, had to wait until the next day until I could do anything about it and spent quite a lot of my precious time on the phone with customer services trying to rectify this, what I would call, minor issue.

All well and good now. My items were on the way and I got a confirmation text to say they arrived within the scheduled timing. I was very happy at this point and my opinion of the company had here on leveled out.

When I arrived home and picked up the parcel, it seemed way too small to be the three pairs of cufflinks and the presentation boxes that I was told would come with it. Upon opening the package, I discovered that the three pairs of cufflinks were ALL inside ONE envelope. Not a cuff-link box in sight! By this point, I'd had enough.

I rang the customer services team, again, and was very embarrassed as this was the third time that I had to call about one single order – but there were no other options...

The phone was answered by a customer services adviser who had placed me on hold numerous times throughout the call whilst trying to figure out what was going on. This included speaking to his supervisor. Which led to me being advised that these boxes that the cuff-links were supposed to arrive in were non-existent.

After taking my money and then leaving me in a position where I a giving an unsuitable Christmas present, into box or presentation, I hope you can understand my disappointment...

After customer services knew that they couldn't help me, they offered me free delivery on my next order. I don't think that's the amount of apology they should be offering after all of the hassles I had experienced.

I'm not too sure if I'll be using that free delivery anytime soon.

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Charles Tyrwhitt – Official Review
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