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Starbucks Employee Melts Down, Frappuccino-Style

Christina St-Jean
in Humor

The unicorn frappuccino may have captured many imaginations and tastebuds since its debut April 19, but baristas are struggling to stay cool making the beverage, it seems. The frappuccino is actually a complex beverage to make, by Starbucks' standards, and it seems that barista Braden Burson had just had enough at the end of his shift yesterday. Burson, 19, took to Twitter in a rant following the end of his shift in a video and tweet that has since gone viral although it had been deleted. “My ha...

Most Annoying Questions You Can Ask a Flight Attendant

Anthony Gramuglia
in Humor

Flight attendants deal with so much trouble by having to put up with their passengers' annoying questions and strange requests. It truly is a thankless job, managing and helping the human cargo lodged...

The Secret of Your Success

Scott Snowden
in Humor

Once you've left the relative womb-like safety of tertiary education, it's up to you to struggle through the commercial sector. And they expect results. However, the professional minefield that is cor...

The Winter Break Woes

Brittany Plante
in Humor

If you're anything like me - an overworked, underpaid college student - you haven't done much but work, sit on your ass, watch television, and catch up on your sanity since the end of the semester. No...

Most Hilarious Corporate Logo Fails

Journal Staff
in Humor

Having a logo without an edge is corporate suicide. What role do logos play in branding strategies? One of the most important marketing tools any company can have for themselves is a good logo design....