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Careering After University

What career do I want???

Graduation day (myself on the left)

So I've been out of University for about a year now, and so much has changed since the simplicity of Uni days! I thought it would be as simple as "get a degree, get a job within the degree you have, live happily ever after!"

Well, gentle reader, it has not been that blissfully simple for me. 

Not. At. All.

I studied film and television production, gained a first in my degree, and bopped out, degree-in-hand, thinking I was the dogs bol*****. 

However, without the relevant experience, I wasn't the dogs or anything else's bol*****. I applied endlessly and seemed to get nowhere in the industry and thus arrived at "The Post-Uni Blues," which entails a lot of crying, telling yourself you're worthless, aimless, unemployable, whilst rocking in a straight-jacket type fashion. 

So I did what everyone does! Threw out CVs to anyone that would take me and landed a job in a catering agency (insert any job that pays not fabulously, but more than nothing, and has nothing to do with any real career goals). 

And, although it was fabulous at getting me out of my own head and into the world of gaining "Employable Skills," it was also another form of self-deprivation. Working hard for something you care not one iota about is painful in its own way! 

So now here I am, a year later. I've got about ten tabs open, a couple of career quizzes, CV advice pages, potential new courses to learn, jobs to apply for, and some volunteer opportunities are thrown in. And what have I learnt other than I'm a bit of an INFJ and a Campaigner personality type at the same time? 

That I haven't got the foggiest. And that that's OK because even so I'm being advised by about ten different people to do 20 different things; they clearly haven't got the foggiest either.

I'm speaking to some adults who tell you what are the correct career steps, clearly aren't in the careers they love, but are in decent careers where they're paid well and live comfortably. But are they happy? fulfilled? I'm not sure they know if they are or not!

And they all clearly went through the same or a similar process to get to where they are. So what I'm saying, gentle reader, although you may be experiencing the same over-whelm'ment, fear not! I don't think anyone really knows...

Just take your career steps one at a time, apply for jobs that not only have the right pay-check but more-so align with who you are and what you're interested in!

And don't be afraid if you don't know what it is yet, because I don't either! I am no longer afraid to say I don't bloody know. I loved making films and TV, but now I'm more interested in helping people, in being creative, and in doing a job that doesn't have my weary soul too exhausted from stress or have me bored brainless!

Do I know exactly how I will help people? Nope! Does that make me misguided/unintelligent/flakey? 

Maybe? Hell no! If anything, I think it makes me determined to be independent, aiming to be kind and compassionate for a career and intelligent for giving myself the time to figure out what I want to do in this world.

Just take the time to sit with yourself, have a think about what is important to you, and work from there.

I know that my next steps are to learn new skills in the things I love (like yoga, nutrition, meditation, and other holistic, happiness and health-bringing ventures) and create wonderful life experiences for myself no matter in what sector of life—and to keep on writing various tidbits obviously. 

Who knows where we'll all be in a few years, but I'm excited to find out. 

Best of luck on your rollercoaster of a journey, gentle reader, enjoy it! And see you on the other side.

Jac's Rants Over.

Jac Renouard
Jac Renouard

a 25-year-old English and half French writer. I love writing articles, poetry and scripts! I have so many interests from films (what I got my degree in) to yoga, health, humanity and the wonders of the universe! 

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