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Cannot Sell Your Art for $100? There's More Money to Be Made From It

Make art a priority. (It's amazing how inspiration strikes!)

Art by Modern Nature Artist based in NYC, "Sun l"

"I have studied art for many centuries. There's no one like me," you might be saying. Well? Want to know some key points that I have noticed about the art world? Sit down, grab some tea, and let me tell you the untold truth about making money with art. 

For some artists, success comes sooner, easier. It comes in a more bountiful way. Why does this happen? It might be in their horoscope; it might be because since 5-years-old they haven't given up. For other artists, success comes later in life, after they have been through a lot, after they have overcome many obstacles. How come?

Maybe—well not maybe, this is for certain—their intuition started kicking in later in life, and by intuition I mean that they have learned a lot through the years. They have learned the ropes—best gallery to exhibit their art for them personally, what kind of people to talk to (including other artists). They have learned to be where they are NEEDED and SUPPORTED.

Key points: Needed, Supported (don't ever forget these.)

Many artists have this big—and I mean BIG—fear that they will never be discovered, that they won't make money with their art when they are alive, for example. This is a (big) fear that I had too, but IT WILL be eliminated one step at a time, organically. You will find the way that is best to showcase your art.

Key point: Showcase your art. (Don't keep it in storage for 100 years and then complain that you are not being discovered.)

One more key point: Do not quit your day job. (Mostly because you want a variety of little jobs in your life.) You are not always inspired to create, right? So when you're not at your job (which I highly recommend for it to be part-time) you can be at home, creating and making that $100 piece which is easily worth $1000. I speak from experience, trust me.

A lot of buyers like to play games with the artist. "Oh, I do not have the money to buy this piece from you." Hold on, this is not the end of the world. Make a payment plan with the buyer because in the end they will be much happier that they spent that 100 bucks on your art than on new furniture or appliance. 

I know, I know, there are many artists in the world, especially in NYC. You can either see this as a negative or a positive. Just remember that your view of art is just as important as the new artist on the block. And I mean it like this. We can choose to think differently. Thinking differently makes you an outsider and this can be a good thing, especially if you want to sell your art. Selling art is not easy because there is a lot of competition. You know, I always thought that there should be an award show dedicated to art. Now who can take on this idea? I think it would be so cool to see more art works on television, don't you?

In conclusion, if you see—and I mean see with your own eyes and your eyes only—that your art is worth $1000 or more, hang on to it. You can always sell prints instead.

Are you interested in seeing a new type of art form? Then, you can visit Modern Nature Artist where works ranges from $100 to $1000. Please enjoy! Xandra's art has been in a few shows. Although she has been creating since she was a kid she is new to the art scene. Please take your time and view her modern work. She has no rewards yet but making art is in itself a great accomplishment and reward. We hope to hear from you soon. 

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Cannot Sell Your Art for $100? There's More Money to Be Made From It
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