Business Ideas That Have Failed

How I Want to Make Tough B, Inc. a Success

I started off as attempting to be an internet search consultant in 2001. I went so far as to get myself a business plan with the City of Mountain View. I thought I could market doing internet searches for other people, but I didn’t advertise since I had no budget for advertising and the whole thing fell apart. I mean, I didn’t really try, nor did I put my profile up at Referral Key, for example, like I did with When I started up Tough B, Inc., I managed to change my name on Referral Key, a networking website that I’m also hardly using right now in February 2018. failed because I was scared to market it. I should have had an advertising budget but I might have been overcharging for website development. Since my laptop that I had previously got sabotaged with a nail in the hinge when I closed it, I had to eventually quit using this laptop altogether, but it is the only machine in my house that has Adobe Dreamweaver, which is the program I use for web design. I am better off with my list of ten practice websites that I’m going to design for myself. I really was scared to exercise my website design knowledge when I realized that four years of HTML is not enough. I have to start working on my Code Academy, but on a Mac, the answers are somewhat different than on PC. Hence I need to buy myself a used laptop on Craigslist for a discount when I can afford to. I might be able to sell my old laptop for parts at ClickAway. I can also find used Dell Inspiron 13, 7000 series laptops on Amazon for a discount.

Someday I will be able to afford a new machine. But either way, I wrote a business plan for all my business ideas except the Internet search consultant idea since, back then, I didn’t know how to write a business plan until I took an economics class as part of my general ed. Then I started writing business plans. I didn’t get good at them until 2015. In 2016, due to my knee injury, I buckled down and wrote like 12 business plans in one year. I have to write some more business plans or idea blurbs to put on USB and send to people I trust. These days I also have a blog on which I write about a lot of different subjects. I keep my business ideas to myself, however, although I have written about some of them here at Vocal Media.

Tough B, Inc. is my writing company. It hasn’t failed since I have written copy this year since August 2017. My website, however, didn’t do so well, since I was afraid to charge people for stuff like caffeine consulting. I took down the site and was able to write a Schedule C for taxes to report. I have to do my 2017 taxes this year and plan on paying for Turbo Tax. I did manage to get somebody to pay me for my weight loss consulting in the form of buying me test strips, which are always in danger of running out for me. I found few people into animal psychic counseling, as well. I can’t even remember all my categories now. I kept on losing my web counter, but my website was getting hits—probably by employers who wanted to see my web design work. I have since decided I want to go to Santa Clara University for Law School. I had a lot of options on my site, which I wanted to get more into, but at the same time, I was confused. Now I have a concrete plan of what school I want to get into. It is time to buy LSAT books and start studying. I also have to enroll in the Penn Foster paralegal program, but this needs to wait until I make some more money. Tough B, Inc, may not fail since I’m publishing magazine articles and I need to write a PASS plan involving publishing my work and the t-shirt business. I want to be a pro-bono lawyer, so I’m not making much money off of legal studies. The money will come from my t-shirt business. 

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Business Ideas That Have Failed
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