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Branding Your Business on Facebook – Proper Page Creation

A Beginner's Guide to Improving Online Presence

Facebook is still an incredible place to market your business, your brand, your event... really anything.  Successful online promotion requires a bit more than just creating a post and hoping for the best.  There are a few easily learned techniques that can help build your online presence and your "brand" more quickly and with greater success.

Create a Page

The first thing you must do is to create your Facebook page. There are many different categories of pages, each with a slightly different layout and menu display. Choose the one that best describes your business, organization, event, cause, etc. If you don't like your choice, you can always go back and select a different one (although some of your entries may not carry over to a new category).

After choosing the category, carefully go through each of the menu screens to make sure you are providing as much information about your business as possible. You can always edit this information or, if you don't know what to put in that field, you can always go back and complete it later. Make yourself a note to finish any uncompleted fields.

Choose the Right Photo

Photographs are extremely important for reader engagement. Facebook, search engines, and potential customers also look at photographic content, so be sure to chose an exciting, engaging cover photo for your page. Your company logo is an outstanding choice for this field. Using your logo also helps spread the existing branding your company has already earned from the general public.

When completing the various menu tabs there will be options to turn on CALL NOW buttons and EMAIL ME buttons. These are important tools for social media and should be used whenever practical. CALL NOW will display your company telephone number and, if the user is properly connected, will even give them an option to dial the number.  

Download Page Manager

Facebook has a free mobile app called Page Manager. Download it from your Google or Apple App store and link it to your newly created page. This will allow all your page managers to monitor activity, upload content, review statistics, and engage with your customers all from the convenience of their mobile device. It is an essential tool for maximizing your social media success. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ease in which a photograph and quick post can be added to your page with just the push of a few buttons on your mobile device.

Invite Friends

Chances are your family and friends will want to support your new business, so invite them to like your page. Facebook will prompt you with an option to send a standard or customized invitation to all your Facebook friends. You can easily choose all of them, or click on just the ones you would like to invite. This is an excellent way to add immediate followers to your page. Boosting your page is an inexpensive way to get new followers for a few dollar investment. Don't go overboard--especially in the beginning when you are likely to be updating your page very regularly. Pace yourself and allow your online followers to grow with your business and with your understanding of how online marketing works.

The most important thing to remember about social media marketing is to keep it fun and exciting. Your potential customers -- and your existing customers -- will be motivated by exciting, uplifting, and fun content that keeps them coming back for more. Allow your sense of humor, your playfulness, to come through in your writing. The more personal "feel" you have on your page, the most return readers you are likely to gather.

Good luck!

For more Facebook branding tips, check out my other posts in this series.

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Branding Your Business on Facebook – Proper Page Creation
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