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Bettering Yourself = Happiness Vol. 1

How I Bounced Back

In my first "story" I talked about the continuing psychological struggle of adoption that I face on a daily basis. While I still struggle, and will always struggle with it, I have to find happiness.

Right now that happiness isn't going to be found at my day job. I have only been with the Health Care company working Tier 3 support since January, 2017, but I have taken on the responsibility of someone who has been there for five years. Now, I'm not complaining because it looks phenomenal on a resume, but with the hours that I work, I have only had three normal paychecks since I started, getting paid every other week. Little to say I have not been happy.

Since I was sixteen years old I have wanted to work for myself. Thirteen years later it's finally coming to fruition. Writing and YouTube videos, two things that play to my strengths. My wife and I have been pushing each other to partake in Udemy classes and investing in success.

When I opened my email and saw the email inviting me to Vocal I was excited, a place to speak. An open forum for me to create whatever, now I know Vocal is still expanding so publishing fiction isn't happening here.

There was a lot of research done prior to the invitation on where I could publish; it seemed like a daunting task. But then I thought, "Wait a minute, I can publish to Amazon." And sure enough, it doesn't take much to self-publish with Amazon.

Okay, so what does the short blurb above have to do with bettering yourself and becoming happy? Change. If you are in a rut, or are flat out dissatisfied with what's going on in your life, spend a few hours on Google. Think of some hobbies or talents that you have, maybe it's writing. Maybe, like me, you love film. Or maybe you love video games.

It's not difficult in starting a new venture, you have just do it. Yes, I know, easier said than done; but if you try and fail, you'll be happier than if you didn't try at all. I'm not going to throw any cliche quotes at you, all I will tell you is: try.

Personally; I'm re-branding and starting a new YouTube channel; under the persona: ENH (ENTER NAME HERE) Studios. Shameless plug for sure. I have also started building a brand for writing, A lot of ambitions and things I'm working on. Most may think, "Too many Nathan, you'll never succeed in all." Two things with that. One, spite: I will try everything because of that thought process. And two, it's not about succeeding on YouTube, Amazon and anywhere. It's about success in one place, and of course varying degrees of success.

Success is subjective. When first got my DBA (Doing Business As) for ENH back in two-thousand and twelve, I was successful. I made it into the black, not much, but I made it. I wasn't self-sufficient by any means, but I was making money. My first "story" on Vocal; first ten hours and I had only received about twenty views. Most might say, "That's nothing, you should give up." Others, "How are you going to profit off of that?" Well, I'm new, and I can only go up. I look at that as, "My first 'story', it's been live for ten hours, and I have twenty views. That's two views an hour, that's awesome!" See subjective. As I develop my style and writing skills, the views will increase and people will gift, allowing me to continue writing on a larger scale.

I'm not just saying to dive into something, do your research. I'm not going to be able to be self-sufficient on one thing alone. My favorite YouTube channel is known for Animations, however; during the six months they are animating they receive no income. So they started a Gaming Channel, where they have grown immensely since inception. They didn't let the risk of failure stop them, neither will I and neither will you.

At this juncture in my life I say go for it. If there's something you want to do; research it, plan it, and do it. Find your motivation along the way, mine is my wife and son. In the end if you have nothing driving you to succeed, you won't.

Of course it will be a struggle,  and if it wasn't worth it, it wouldn't be. Just know that you are bettering yourself, doing what others won't, beating complacency; and that's the ultimate goal making yourself happier. And we all want to be happy right?

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Bettering Yourself = Happiness Vol. 1
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