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Best Desk Pads to Improve Any Type of Workspace

Love to write, but hate the hardness of a desk? These are the best desk pads for any office setup you can have.

Desk pads are not a new accessory by any means of the word. In fact, they're as old school as they come — but they remain popular for good reason. The right desk pad adds a stylish flair to an otherwise drab desk, makes it easier to write, and also makes your office just a bit more comfortable. 

In other words, desk pads might be retro, but they're worth it. There's no reason not to have one at your desk. Here are some of the best desk pads for every kind of personal style, and every kind of budget out there.

Leather Desk Pad by Saddleback Leather Co.

If you're looking for a desk pad that feels buttery smooth, but has a rugged and rustic vibe to it, then you need not look further than the Saddleback Leather Company's Leather Desk Pad. This is one of the only desk pads on the market that has a warranty for 100 years — and that means it's as durable as they come. 

The suede no-slip bottom and beautiful double-stitching are what make this desk pad a subtle, but striking addition to any executive suite. However, it's the actual texture of the top that makes this one of the best desk pads for people with a taste for the finer things in life. 

Krystal View Non-Glare Microbial Desk by Artistic

Looking for a desk pad that helps you organize stuff, but also doesn't distract too much? This anti-microbial desk pad is totally see-through, ad is designed to be one of the best desk pads for people who want to keep notes on their desk without eating up desk space. 

It's simple, chic, and functional. Germophobes will also love the fact that it's treated with anti-microbial chemicals. Did we mention it's also anti-glare treated? 

The Self-Healing Cutting Mat by Alvin

Desk mats are a must if you regularly use X-acto knives to cut through paper on projects. Not having one means damage to the wood your desk is made out of, and also can mean a very upset boss. Alvin recently made one of the best desk mats for artists and tradesmen ever — and it's amazing. 

This lined desk mat is rugged enough to be your go-to desk protector, with forceful X-acto knife use, but also has an extra secret. The secret is, it heals itself. So, no more mat replacing. No more smoothing out cut marks. It's all good, as long as you have this cutting mat!

Doodle Pad by House of Doolittle

Everyone knows one person who tends to get their ideas out by doodling, and that's why House of Doolittle created a desk pad that's filled with sheets upon sheets of paper — all ready to be filled with creative squiggles of all kinds. 

This is one of the best desk pads for doodlers and creatives of all kinds, and matches with any desk accessories you might have. It's also refillable, so you never have to worry about running out of sheets while you're doodling office movie scenes or playing tic-tac-toe.

Hide-Away PVC Desk Pad by Artistic

Some desk pads can quickly turn into useful office gadgets you never knew you needed — such as this sleek and smart PVC desk pad. This is one of the best desk pads for people who hate cluttered desks, often need to hide papers in plain sight, and want a stylish twist to a standard desk pad. 

It's worth noting that this desk pad has a very luxurious, leather-like feel. So, if you're looking for one of the more elegant office accessories with an affordable price tag, this is it. It's synthetic leather, but genuine luxury. 

Paper Flowers Desk Pad by At A Glance

Home office workers who are looking for a cute and homey-looking desk pad will love this one! This flowery desk pad has everything that you need in order to schedule meetings, and have your day-to-day plans out at a glance. 

Despite it being one of the best desk pads for people who need pro-level scheduling aid, this cute desk pad has a sweet and welcoming style that makes you feel at home. Needless to say, it's a great gift for the self-employed home office worker in your life. 

Desk Pad Calendar by Rediform

If you're looking for a more professional, executive-approved desk pad, that doubles as a calendar, then you might like this nifty number from Rediform. This product is complete with plenty of writing space and a look-ahead month-to-month calendar at the bottom. 

This particular desk pad comes in a set of three. So, it's one of the best desk pads for people who want to pool resources together and lower costs of running their offices. 

Luxury Desk Pad by Royce Leather

Looking for an ultra smooth writing surface that also complements your office's personal style? Then look no further than this luxury desk pad from Royce Leather. This blotter is designed to help grip pens, improve your office experience, and be a perfect gift for your fellow CEO. 

It's buttery soft, and looks spectacular. What more is there to say?

Neoprene Non-Slip Desk Pad by NessHome

If you're a fan of desk pads that avoid the stereotypical leather or calendar look, then one of the best desk pads you can grab is a neoprene, non-slip desk pad from NessHome. 

NessHome's elegant and unique desk pad line brings classy but cool designs like wood, marble, and jade to the forefront, ensuring you get a splash of color in an otherwise drab office. 

Leather Desk Pad by Modeska

Looking to add a splash of color and personality at your office desk? Then one of the best desk pads for your goal comes from Modeska's leather desk pad line. The company has multiple color options to choose from, and always uses high-quality leather for their blotters. 

These blotters make for great mouse pads, and also a smart gift idea for the coworker that keeps you sane. Better still, they're remarkably affordable considering how long they last — and how great they look. 

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Best Desk Pads to Improve Any Type of Workspace
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