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Best Careers for Introverts

There's nothing wrong with being introverted, and finding the best job for your personality is important. Here are the best careers for introverts for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Being introverted can make certain aspects of life more challenging than for people who enjoy being in front of crowds and strive in social scenarios. Instead of forcing themselves out of their comfort zone, and ultimately leading to an unhappy lifestyle, introverts should search for careers that adapt to their preferences. 

We have completed a list of the best careers for introverts, and why they will work with your personality. From video editors to airline pilots and everything in between, there is an option for everyone. Make your job search less intimidating and more appealing when you take a step back to acknowledge your preferences. 

Airline Pilot

If you're an introvert that likes to be in control, then taking the path of an airline pilot might be perfect for you. Though the title might seem intimidating, there is a lot of time that pilots spend alone, which is music to any introvert's ears. 

If you love adrenaline and respect, this job provides a lot of both, plus, it brings home a very decent amount of money. As one of the best careers for introverts, you must earn a private pilot certificate, commercial pilot certificate, certified flight instructor certificates, and some experience to qualify. 


Freelance writers have the best of both worlds for any creative introvert. Whether it be writing an actual novel, copy, lyrics, articles, technical pieces poems, or screenplays, writers will often have a lot of alone time as it takes quiet and concentration to create content. 

This is especially relevant to those who work remotely. As one of the best careers for introverts, writers are able to express their creativity within their own mind and have a lot of time alone. 

Private Chef

Chefs and bakers alike tend to spend a decent amount of their day not speaking to anyone. This is great for introverts, but becoming a private chef is the next step up. As someone who works for one specific family, a private chef does not have to worry about other chefs in their kitchen. 

Whether you go to school for being a baker, chef, pastry artist, or any other culinary profession, being a private chef is any introvert's dream. 


A job that is spent doing manual, one-man jobs, electrician work is one of the best careers for introverts. Whether the day is spent installing or repairing, the work is typically similar day-to-day, and only requires a few minutes of quick interactions with the homeowner, which is mostly small talk. 

Some electrical jobs will not even involve any communication, as the electrical work might be on the exterior of the house or building. But most importantly, each job is independent, and only requires attending a technical school. 

Video Editor

Most computer-based jobs are typically done alone. Even if it's a job that requires multiple hands on the project, a job for a video editor will typically take hours alone to complete. Plus, video editors can typically work from home. 

Though most people who are interested in the film industry might believe editing work is boring or tedious, an introvert will love to focus their creativity during alone time, while still being able to get their contributions to film production. Turn raw footage into a masterpiece all in your own company.

Graphic Designer

Another example somewhat similar to a video editor is a graphic designer. As one of the best careers for introverts, this job is great for creatives alike who would rather spend their time alone. Though the career is client based, interaction is typically done over email or over the phone. Worst case scenario, it will involve a 20 minute sit down on what they are looking for in your work. But once you grow your client base, these will become quicker and easier. 

Without even having to change out of your pajamas, you can create a beautiful poster or trifold for your most recent client, and they would never know. As most graphic designers are self-employed, freelance work is never sparse. 

Social Media Manager

Not every introvert is anti-social. Some people with the biggest personalities would rather spend their time alone, or with a few people. That's why a social media manager would be a perfect job for the introvert who still thrives in social settings, but virtually. 

Without having to actually get out of the house, social media managers are able to have conversations with clients, create a loyal audience for their company, and promote materials in a way that followers would never guess them to be an introvert. Plus, a social media manager can earn from $27,000 up to $74,000. 

Truck Driver

What might be the number one option among the best careers for introverts, a truck driver is a more extreme option. But if you love driving, having lots of time alone, and traveling, a truck driving career might just be the best option for you. 

As a way to travel around the world, truck drivers spend the entirety of their day alone in their vehicle. If this is appealing to you, you're definitely a grade-A introvert. What makes this job difficult for most is struggling to maintain relationships, because of the long periods of time spent away from home. But if you have a driver's license and a high school diploma, you can already be considered for the job.  

Animal Trainer

If you don't enjoy spending time with humans, and would rather enjoy your day with animals, pursuing a career as an animal trainer is perfect for the typical introvert. Training animals can be troublesome, but the job is always needed, as dogs become more and more popular as the number one household pet. 

Prepare animals for shows or competitions, or just to behave with a family. If you love animals, all of your time will be spent with them. Plus, the job is extremely rewarding on the daily. 


Though this job might be one of the options on this list that requires the most time spent with people, photography is one of the best careers for introverts because of the time spent editing their projects and shooting landscape and candid shots. 

It doesn't take much conversation between the photographer and the model to capture the best results, and often times photographers don't even choose to shoot other people. A great option for creatives, photography may just be calling your introverted name. 

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