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Being Creatively Consistent

Get to it.

Matthew Henry, Burst

Consistency. Creativity. Expansion. Authenticity.

You might have heard this preached ad nauseum, to be successful online, you need to be consistent and genuine. You need a schedule. You need to be you.

Last year, I was desperately trying to plan so many different timelines for consistency. Shortly after planning them, I hit a wall, and slowly slid down it *insert squeaking sound down wall.* As much as it seems the dream to be able to have a blog, Youtube channel, podcast, monthly design, weekly this, daily that, you need to actually think about what you can manage.

Step 1

Before you begin planning your life away, start with just one manageable consistency challenge—monthly, biweekly, weekly, daily, whichever feels good. But, figure out what you can manage.

Now, write it down, set alarms, make sure you remember!

For some people, I endorse telling everyone you plan to do it. Make it into a verbal contract. Put a little fire under your booty. For others, it actually helps to have it just for you, so consider that before telling the world.

In the past, some I have done (to give you an idea) were:

  • 52 Week Art Challenge
  • Inktober
  • Daily Creative Writing Post
  • Weekly Blog Post

You need to factor in the time it will take you to finalize whatever you are creating. If you want to make videos, they do take time to shoot. High chances you will need time for multiple takes. How much are you already doing? What do you have time for, even when it's been a really stressful week? Maybe you could manage the tight schedule for a few weeks, but it needs to be something you can manage more long term. If you start rushing it, it shows.

Step 2

Find your cheerleaders. For some of my challenges, I had someone else take on the same challenge so we could keep each other accountable and motivated. For others, I posted them online. Luckily for me, my creative writing, after the first month or so, got some consistent people who would like my posts, giving me a little extra motivation.

Maybe you have a friend you can send each final product? For Inktober, I had a friend who I could always send a link to each one and she'd cheer me on.

If you don't have that external support, find your own motivator. Maybe it's being able to put a check mark on each day, or a small chocolate reward. You could set up challenges, such as doing 10 more. Breaking it down into manageable pieces can help boost morale.

Step 3

Have an end date. Okay, honesty time, this blog doesn't have one. But, for some challenges, it is best to have an end date you are working towards. Maybe you will renew it, but having an end date makes it feel more tangible.

Though it seems impressive to do a weekly blog, or a daily this or that for an indefinite future, that isn't always what you need. It always needs to be reassessed. Maybe you need it further apart? Or closer together? Maybe you're up to adding in something else? Maybe you need to replace it with something different?

People change, so do our goals and plans.

Step 4

Reach out. Once you've established what you are making, people need to be able to find it. If it's a blog, once you get the hang of just writing consistently, start working on making it easy to find. If it's art, can you make it connect to a trend, to help people find you? Can you post it in more places?

When first starting, the process of just creating can be hard. If you have the thought to already start spreading it, do that. But, honestly I suggest just starting, then adding that onto your plate later.


This post may sound a little simplistic, but I hope it helps you even just a little bit. There really is value in consistency. Of course, too repetitious, your audience can become bored, but when you put yourself into it, it shows. Assess what you can manage, and what can help you progress in your desired direction. May the new year bring you new success.