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Be Heard in Podcasting


Writing is something that many of us love to do, but your voice can be heard through podcasting. When you write an article, you can also share it with a podcast. Hearing yourself, you might not like the way you sound, but that does not mean that listeners won't like you. All you need to do is make your podcast interesting and keep your listeners listening. As a podcaster, I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. Sometimes you might hear a little pop or click through the microphone, but for the most part, the sound of the podcast is load and clear. All you will need is a good microphone and software like Garage Band that will allow you to podcast and create music.

It is good to have a podcast published with your article. Some people don't have time to read, so they can just listen to your podcast while they are busy doing something else. On the other hand, you just might simply want to share your podcast without an article. There are so many advantages. You can embed and share your podcast through social media, websites, and blogs. All you have to do on some blog platforms is share the link to your podcast, and then it will automatically be embedded for you rather than using the embedded code.

Podcasting is something that I love to do along with writing. It’s good to be heard so that people can hear your expression in your writing. I like to make up stories and add music to my broadcast. Sometimes I like to write and sing my own songs. To me, podcasting takes you further than radio. You are allowed to broadcast more than music and talk shows. There are so many categories you can choose from. You can use podcasting for reading books, you can share an old favorite TV show in public domain, and a whole lot more. Unlike radio, you cannot play copyrighted music in your podcast. You have to get permission if you do. However, if you would like to talk about your favorite artists, movies, and books, you are allowed to do so.

In podcasting, you can create something new, but sometimes it’s no fun without music. You are allowed to use music under creative commons license and royalty free music. So you can play and use some kind of music for your podcast. Podcasting can be a fun thing to do. It is a lot easier than radio. You are allowed to do your own thing the way that you like. Unlike radio, people can hear your show when they have missed it. It is always there for you to listen to. If you would like, you can listen to some of my podcasts at

Actors, Stories, & Film (Lounge Show)

If you would like to podcast, Spreaker is a great place to start. When you join, you can upgrade and join their ad program to make cash. You can share your podcast in iTunes and Google Play. You can also share your podcast on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.  You should share your podcast in as many places as you would like. The more listeners and likes and downloads that you get the better things will be for you as a podcaster. Sometimes it's hard to get people to comment and like your show. However, you should never let that stop you from podcasting. If it is something that you enjoy doing, you will want to keep practicing and doing it.  You will see some views and downloads from your podcast after a while. Great things take time. Give it a try today.

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Be Heard in Podcasting
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