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Avon with Roo

My Avon Story

This year I finally decided to become an Avon Rep. I am already self employed as a writer but I could do with a little extra cash. I have read so many success stories about Avon ladies making thousands in their first year and I don't really have anything to lose. When you join Avon, you have a £16 join up fee that is spread over your first 2 campaigns, but besides that, is is not compulsory to spend any of your own cash. Brochures do cost to order and there are sales tools that do cost but you don't have to buy any of these if you are only selling online. I am a shopping addict so I have currently earnt nothing as I have spent it all on products (oops).

I promised myself I wouldn’t become one of those "American Sales Women" that I always take the piss out of, but you kind of have to! Nothing sells unless you sell it, which is easy to do because Avon products are amazing. And no, I am not saying that because I sell the products, I genuinely do think the products are amazing and millions of other people think so too. Everyone I have sold to so far has loved what they have got, and it makes me happy to have happy customers. I have never been good at selling things. I self published my first book just over a year ago and I haven't really been able to sell that because I just don't know how to. So why have I decided Avon is for me? Right now I have no idea, but we will just have to see how it goes. 

We are currently in Brochure 11 of 2018, my 5th campaign, so it's still very new to me. So far all of my customers have been people I know. My mum has helped out by taking brochures into her work and I have been dropping them off at my neighbours too. And although I am making my target every month, I am not going to make a living this way, I need to target people online. As a blogger I really want to combine my blogging with my Avon selling, which I am not really sure how to. I am used to blogging about feelings and mental stability with the occasional other topic but I am far from a fashion or beauty blogger. In fact, I am far from a fashion or beauty person in general. I rare;y wear makeup, and when I do I am sure I am not applying it properly. Most of the people who promote Avon are absolutely stunning and make up savvy, so I am trying to use the side of Avon that appeals to people like me. This includes things like the kitchen section, the PJ's, and the occasional skin care product. 

People get so surprised when I tell them Avon isn't just make up. Did you know right now you can buy a pizza slicer than also serves cake for just a fiver? In my first campaign I bought myself a Winnie the Pooh poncho that has pockets AND a hood. Avon even sells useful things like suncream and shower gel, stuff that everybody needs and it tends to be at a cheaper price (I just got myself a bottle of shower gel in the clearance for 75p, can't complain!) Okay so if you see yourself like me, someone who doesn't care much about appearance or whether your "brows are on fleek," don't turn away at the sound of Avon, but follow my blogs/social media about the things we sell that appeal to the un-girly girls. Don't get me wrong, I still have loads of the make up products, and for a not very girly person I still like to have bright lips and glittery eyes. So if that is what you are interested in, you won't miss out. 

Follow my instagram avonwithroo to keep updated on all the products we have. But also visit my store to purchase your items or contact me directly about other delivery options.

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