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Automation, E-Commerce, and Six Must-Have Emails to Nail Today

What isn't there to love?!

No matter what you're selling, social media is often top of mind for many an e-commerce seller. While being present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few, is a valuable way to engage with your customers (both actual and potential) it is not the only option to get your products in front of the right people. Remember email? Your old mate might be the best way to get in touch with those same customers. 

I get it. Email feels old. Your grandma uses email. So does mine. It's been around forever, but trust me, email has a bunch of benefits! It lets you send targeted messages, longer messages, and relevant messages to buyers at all stages of their customer lifecycle. It avoids the digital walls we build up around our social networks. Email can easily be found, saved and revisited within an inbox. It is direct and simple in its approach, and it continues to evolve as the rest of the 'www' does.

If you get your email strategy right, and you choose to automate the journey, email will even work for you while you sleep! Nail these seven email journeys and easily nurture your customers down the sales funnel and make them fall in love with you. 

Sarah's six sweet emails:

  1. Onboarding

    This is your chance to say hello, welcome your new friend to your email subscriber list and walk them through the first steps for using your site. If you're feeling generous you might even offer them a discount code or free shipping on their first order. Also, why not ask them to tell you a little about themselves so that you can point them in the direction of the stuff you think they'll love? You can use a simple 'reply here' or send them to a landing page with a survey on it.

    In some case studies, including this one, welcome emails not only out-perform other targeted emails in terms of opens, they also lead to higher value sales.

  2. Cart Abandonment (did you forget something?)

    Sites like Shopify and others have recently admitted that over 65 percent of people who start shopping leave stuff in their carts and move away from the website. That's a whole lot of lost sales! Don't panic though, you can do something about it...

    An abandoned cart sequence doesn't just have to be one single email, and it certainly shouldn't be a downer for your shopper. It can be a series of emails that remind about those abandoned items, handle common objections that stop buyers and possibly offer a discount or free shipping. This could be a two, three, or four email series over a number of days.

  3. Feedback (tell us what you think.)

    You'll probably have heard that its about ten times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one. You may have even experienced that repeat customers spend more than new ones.

    So, make sure you keep your customers on side by making sure they're loving buying from you. Ask them what they love and what they don't. Incentivise them by putting those who give feedback on a VIP email list and share your newest collections with them first.

  4. Come back (we miss you).

    Over time, your customers will start to tune out of your email (even an awesome sales funnel has some leakage). They’ll stop opening, or they'll open but not click. They may even stop buying. When you notice this (or your fancy automation machine notices it on your behalf) it's a good time to reach out and say 'Hi'.

    This is another opportunity to send a short series of emails, first checking in and reminding them to stop by, then follow up with a tantalizing offer, and if that doesn't work, let them know you'll unsubscribe them from your emails. Three chances are enough here!

  5. Upsell/Cross-Sell

    While you should be recommending complimentary items on your website, there is nothing stopping you also reminding shoppers that there are other items available that might be just perfect for them based on what they've already been buying.

    Drop an email to tempt your buyers to buy just one more thing, but be both subtle in execution and timely.

  6. New Stock

    Finally, what better way to encourage your fans back to the website then by offering new stock. If you have a VIP programme, these are the people you should be emailing first. Reward their loyalty or spend with pre-launch information and sneak peaks.

So there you have it. Six easy but effective email marketing campaigns that you can automate and enjoy. Always make sure you test, test, test and find out what works best for you and your customers, then tick email marketing off your 'to-do' list for a few more weeks! Just don't forget to optimize your subject lines.

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Automation, E-Commerce, and Six Must-Have Emails to Nail Today
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