Zachery Lee

I'm just a loner kid who's been through some things in his life.I have mountains of stories to tell, if your willing to read, I'm always willing to share.I hope that my stories inspire, and maybe even teach you a bit of something about life

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On My Way (Working for Moeller)
a year ago
So, like I said, I haven't had many jobs in my life cause, I'm usually pretty good at keeping them. This place however, felt the need to "get back" at my name because my brothers created a shitty look...
On My Way (Working for Duncan Disposal)
a year ago
I haven't had many jobs in my life; I'm pretty diligent when it comes to working to make a name, and then keeping it stable. When things get old, and or are just tiring to a point where it's not worth...
On My Way (Work at Erwin's Orchard)
a year ago
I was 18 when I got my first job. My friend Amber (mini munch) was working at Erwin's Orchard as a seasonal monster for when they did the corn maze and haunted house. I dig the blood, guts and gore, a...