Wilf Voss

After a career in event management and marketing culminating in being part of the team which created the London 2012 Olympics. Wilf now runs a seaside ice cream parlour and writes in his spare time.

Using Team Building to Motivate Your Company
a year ago
The benefit of team building exercises have been known for a long time. Such activities can deliver high-impact learning experiences without having to resort to the classroom and bring together the in...
Understanding the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and What It Means for Small Businesses
a year ago
It has been called the largest overhaul to the US taxation system since its inception, however, whereas the clearly named Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has made far-reaching changes to the way tax will be adm...
Moving Aside the Side Hustle
a year ago
Bored with the 9 to 5? Perhaps you fancy being your own boss and following your dream; then maybe you are one of the more than 44 million Americans who have a side hustle, a way to make money on the s...