Victor Trammell

In July of 2012, my career as a published author, copywriter, editor, and journalist began at In my current role, I work on the writing/production team for The Michael Baisden Show, a nationally syndicated radio program. 

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Federal Reserve Recently Boasted About a Robust US Job Market – Is This Fact or Fiction?
5 months ago
During a two-day, end-of-quarter series of meetings late last month, top officials at the US Federal Reserve unveiled their plans in the near future for managing the nation's economy. The issues at th...
Credit Card Debt In America Reaches an All-Time High; Surpasses $1 Trillion Again
7 months ago
Consumers in the good old United States of America have reached a sad milestone in their "buy now, pay later" spending culture. A ton of media coverage in the national financial news sector has been f...