'Toto' (Aleksina Teto)

A Canadian designer, writer, typographer, and artist.

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Yes, You Can Be Creative | Part 1
a year ago
Creativity has been given this reverence of almost divine intervention, which makes it extremely intimidating. But, I'm here to tell you that it isn't as complicated as you think. Even those who feel ...
Beginner's Guide: Deepening Creativity and Skill - Part 2
a year ago
I've put so much time into creating, why do I still feel like I suck? Should I be trying a different medium? Will I be happier doing video or animation instead? Is it even possible for me to be a char...
Design Clients' Bad Wrap
a year ago
Through the internet, you find a plethora of articles and posts inciting ideas of designers being hard done by. You hear of clients asking for infinite edits, many of which are supposedly stupid in th...
How to Be a Creative in 2018 | Part 1
a year ago
We are reaching an era of infinite resources to be a creative. In that same vein, the market is becoming so saturated that creating starts to feel like playing the lottery."Where do I fit in?" "Can I ...
3 Essential Tips for Bringing Your Art to the Next Level
a year ago
I should be good by now? Right? Have you just reached a threshold where you're starting to feel like your art is actually starting to look half-decent? But, there is something that is just not quite r...
Beginner's Guide: Deepening Creativity and Skill
a year ago
"How do I get good at art/writing?" "How did you get so good?" "I can't draw... I can't write..." "I suck." "How do you do that?" At some point you've probably heard one of these questions, either fro...