'Toto' (Aleksina Teto)

A Canadian designer, writer, typographer, and artist.

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Shame of the Non-Creator
7 months ago
I remember a time when I would spend endless hours drawing, crafting, my hands always busy. In middle school, my classmates and I each made a pie chart showing how we use our time. My desk partner was...
The Creative Mess
7 months ago
Perching at my desk, pressing the silver power button, the computer lights up, monitor assuring me it's getting ready. As I wait, my gaze starts noticing an assortment of brushes next to me. On my oth...
5 Quick Tricks for Not Resenting Other Artists
7 months ago
There is so much art advice out there, it begins to feel like an oversaturated market. Take a quick search on Instagram and you can find thousands of other artists. Ink, watercolour, acrylic, oil, dig...
Working Through Art Anxiety
8 months ago
As I thought of what I might want to write for this week's post, I found myself anxious. Somehow, in such a short time, I already wound these posts with my fears and stresses. In the last year, I have...
7 Benefits of Art
8 months ago
"Stop drawing pretty pictures and do something productive." I've heard from parents, teachers, and strangers talking to kids as if art is equivalent to just sitting doing nothing. It's almost like the...
Divorce Your Old Art
8 months ago
Tons of time is spent on a piece, maybe you're feeling proud, maybe you're feeling done with it and want to get feedback. You put it onto your social media. You wait, ready to receive likes and feedba...