Stephen Hamilton

Definitive movie buff. Quickly realized that it was more financially prudent to write about film than trying to beg for millions of dollars to make his own.

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Office Movie Scenes
a year ago
There have been many movies and books that have poked fun of life as an office worker — and who can blame them? A huge percentage of people work in an office, and frankly, most office jobs have a certain tedium to them that makes most people wince at them. Office movie scenes often bank on classic tropes about the working lifestyle, and the truth is that they are relatable for most of us. We've all had co workers who annoy us, people in a department who just don't seem to have a clue what they'r...
The Success Behind 'Funko'
2 years ago
Funko LLC sells over $30 million worth of Pop action figures a year. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti believes that the company's success is largely due to its versatility. "Whether it's the X-men or Breaking...