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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Spirit Made Physical
a month ago
The eyes weren’t perfect so he smoothed them away. The javelin, a spear aimed at the fearful remained the only thing that seemed right. It stood there frozen in the thrower’s hand like a shaft of libe...
Reason First: Is Jeezy the Greatest Hip Hop Entrepreneur in the South?
2 months ago
You still can’t ban the Snowman. Especially, you can’t stop Jeezy from partnering with Freddie Figgers and Figgers Communications. While the platinum rapper is known for collaborations with fellow hip...
Reason First: Is Robert F. Smith's Gift More Important Than How He Made the Money?
3 months ago
The benevolence of billionaires is a thing to behold. These ten to twelve figure plus bank account holders have more than is necessary to live multiple lifetimes. Their ability to donate, exchange, an...
Reason First: Is Bill Gates the Most Selfish Altruist?
5 months ago
Briefly in 1999, William “Bill” Gates’ net worth surpassed the one hundred billion dollar mark. Now, 20 years later, he’s become a centibillionaire yet again. From his one percent ownership in Microso...
Firm, but Not Crushing
6 months ago
Steel and glass enveloped the building in Wilmington, Delaware. A young COO named Kholer Ingot entered the skyscraper with energy and readiness. He possessed a chestnut skin tone and a flattop hairsty...
Four Categories
8 months ago
As the ball rolled down the chute, anxious eyes abounded. They jostled and thumbed at their mobile devices to see just what the final number would be. “Eight!” A collective “aww” swept over the crowd ...