Sierra Lynn

Sierra Lynn is an old soul with a thousand dreams. 

She is an adventurer at heart and hopes to one day travel the world with her best friend, her dog Silver. 

She writes the world around her too cope with the way the world revolves. 

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No Sir, Your Sexual Advances Do Not Want to Make Me Smile
4 months ago
Sexual harassment in the workplace is nothing new nowadays. It is quite unfortunate that men and women everywhere have to change the way they look, or cover up more just so people don’t advance them. ...
I Was a PINK Girl at Victoria's Secret. Here's How That Went Down
7 months ago
In 2018, I got hired on the spot to work in a huge mall at one of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret. It seemed like it was my dream job at the time, but now I would never go back. I ended up quitt...