Sierra I

FT mom, writer, and 'doer'. Coffee obsessed and science-based, I thoroughly enjoy broadening people's horizons and mental processes through the written word.

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The Path to Obtaining Your Perfect Career
9 months ago
Sometimes it just seems like there is no perfect "dream" career for us. You know, the one job that you love waking up for every morning and truly have a passion for. Or, sometimes, we simply just don'...
Work-from-Home Survival Guide
a year ago
I know, I know... I'm selling pipe dreams, there's no success in working from home, and there are about several million other blogs out there saying the same exact thing that I'm saying. I get it. The...
How to Go from a Self-Doubter to a Self-Starter
2 years ago
Many people are pessimistic by nature; I would know, I was one of them. The belief that we can't always seems to be more plausible than we can. It's a sad fact about life. But, what if I told you that...