Shaking Bird

I'm an artist, an Aspie, a square peg in a world of round holes.  Tring to be kind and kind of strange, sometimes making progress, sometimes making a mess, but always trying to improve.

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Accepting Art Commissions
3 months ago
It's enormously exciting, that first time someone says "I want your art and I'll pay you for it." Oh the thrills, the honor, the validation of every painstaking hour spent in study and blood and tears...
Countdown from a Sprain
6 months ago
I'm in a race against time. I'm an artist, not selling much art. Perhaps, I thought it would sell itself—"if we build it, they will come"—but it's not working. I sell a piece here and there, and used ...
7 Habits for Stellar Cashiering
2 years ago
Cashiering. Yeah, not the easiest or most glamorous job in the world. There's drama with the coworkers, clueless managers, and — oh, yes — that evil species of bi-peds: customers! But it helps with th...