Sarah Russell

Just a woman in the world doing her best to write the best stories she can.

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How To: Capturing Readers Interest (Wattpad Addition #2)
6 days ago
(Side Note: These tips could also work for writing any book, I just like to gear my tips toward Wattpad since that's where my experience is at.) Ever wonder how some writers get so many views on Wattp...
Why I Love Story Writing!
14 days ago
I've honestly been writing stories since before I can remember. I've always been a creative child, and I've grown into a even more creative, but now experienced, young adult. Here are some of my favor...
Feeling Lazy but Want to Write? Here Are Ways to Kick Yourself into Gear!
22 days ago
Feeling really lazy but want to get down to business and start writing? Here are some tips and tricks that I use to cure that lazy-bug!