Sarah Russell

I blog about crafts and all things creative and write on here part time as well.


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Blogging Planner - What It Is and How to Use It!
10 months ago
So, you're a blogger, right? You have a million ideas running around in your head at any given moment, right? How do you keep it all organized? You've (maybe) heard of a blogging planner and thought i...
Ideas for Your First Blog Post!
a year ago
So, you've finally done it! You got your blog up and running! After hours and hours of trying to get that first page exactly how you want it, you hit publish! And then you realize... What the heck am ...
Why You Should Start Your Own Blog!
a year ago
I've been writing online for years, and about a year ago, I discovered that you can actually make money from writing online. The thought instantly captivated me. Doing something you love and getting p...
The Customer Is Always Right...?
a year ago
I work at a cashier at Wendy's in an airport, which means I work a lot with customers. Which also means, I hear a lot of stupid questions. Stupid customer questions always make me laugh and give my fr...
10 Wacky Office Gifts for Christmas
2 years ago
Christmas is almost upon us! Maybe you have a office party coming up. Have any idea what to get your cubicle mates? Probably not. And if that's the case, or maybe you would just like some other ideas,...
How To: Writing a Great Story Description (Wattpad Addition #3)
2 years ago
(Side note: While my tips are geared towards Wattpad writers, these tips could be useful when writing on many different platforms. My experience just happens to be with Wattpad.) If you're anything li...