Sarah Phillips

I’m a digital native, building a content writing portfolio. I'm interested in writing digital content on a variety of topics.

You’ll find me at [email protected]

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He Was the Best of Recruiters, He Was the Worst of Recruiters
a year ago
There is nothing like an out-of-the-blue phone call on an average Thursday afternoon to get you thinking about your employment situation. This happened to me recently. Despite being comfortably employ...
Write Better Emails, Get Better Results
a year ago
I don't know about you, but I send and receive hundreds of emails every day—at least, it feels that way! Emails to colleagues, clients, suppliers, friends, and family are all whizzing across the inter...
Ten Successful Subject Line Formulas to Try on Your Next Marketing Email
a year ago
Finding the right subject line for your amazing email series can be hard. I get it. You want to create a sense of urgency to encourage your email subscribers to open and take action, but you don't wan...
Coding, Marketing, and Why You Should Blur the Line Between the Two
a year ago
Marketing now isn't what marketing was in 2005. It probably won't be what it is in 2025, either. Marketing is constantly changing. Where it was once a career based on creative skills, now it is one th...
Automation, E-Commerce, and Six Must-Have Emails to Nail Today
a year ago
No matter what you're selling, social media is often top of mind for many an e-commerce seller. While being present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few, is a valuable way to engage with...
Christmas, Marketing, and Why I Almost Went Crazy at the Mall Today
a year ago
The day I received my Marketing Degree, my Dad starting referring to me as a "Master Manipulator." I'd love to say it was affectionate, but I'm not sure it was. He would point his finger at me every t...