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I am a freelance writer as well as a private tutor, carer, and mother of two. I enjoy writing poetry and articles. Currently, much of my spare time is spent working on a book about Paganism (one of the many subjects which interests me).

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Tick Box
3 months ago
Sometimes, it is necessary for us to put ourselves into categories. This may be frustrating, we may not know where to place ourselves. There is a good chance that, when given a 'tick-box' exercise, we...
I Quit!
2 years ago
I have been working in my job for a mere 9 months (10 by the time I leave). I tried really hard to stay for at least a year but I just couldn't do it. I wrote a little about it in 'Nightmare Boss'. I ...
Nightmare Boss
2 years ago
As I write, I wonder if I've been spoilt in my previous employment. While there have been people with whom I'd rather not have worked, I've been lucky with having nice long-term bosses and several yea...
The Honest Writer
2 years ago
There are times when a biased spin is appropriate for a piece of writing, times when it is entirely intentional to make a point in favour of one side or another. Other times, a more balanced approach ...
2 years ago
In the UK, it has been usual to enroll a child in a school at age four or five. Other options would have been considered out of the ordinary. Nowadays, however, more and more parents are choosing othe...