Sandy Dsouza

Sandy Dsouza is a freelance author and blogger. She is always eager to share her knowledge on various topics like resume, career development and career change and is significant contributions to BSR: Resume Examples.

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What Is the Difference?
2 years ago
We live on a planet that is governed by the fundamental law — “survival of the fittest.” It is applicable to every living organism on this planet. Survival is the first and foremost goal of every livi...
How To Build a Relationship with Remote Employees
2 years ago
Employer-worker relationship plays an important role in the growth of the company. Just as companies invest a huge sum in maintaining relationships with their clients, they should adopt a similar appr...
Top 7 Trends In Resumes To Watch
2 years ago
Today, the number of opportunities has expanded with the increase of diverse fields in which you can make your career. The era has ushered in new chances for active and passive job seekers trying to m...
7 Effective Qualities of a Team Leader
2 years ago
For any business to run successfully, there are many teams that function by coordinating with each other. Different teams under the guidance of their team leaders collaborate and contribute in deliver...
Secrets to Keep Employees Motivated at Work
2 years ago
A motivated employee is the most valuable employee for the organization and finding one is hard. Very few employees are enthusiastic, inspired, empowered and confident while at work. Motivating employ...