Sabrina Oneale

Chocolate colored human being, sharing my perspective one story at a time.

Event Planner / Designer.

Pup Mother.

Wanna-be Writer.

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6 Ideas to Make Your Boring Job Fun Again
2 days ago
Repetitive meetings, never-ending emails, and coworkers who do not pull their own weight. The salary is paying your bills and health insurance is keeping you just alive enough to keep going back to wo...
Job Title: Famous (Well, Kind Of)
4 months ago
When I was a tiny tot, I dreamed of being just about everything in the book: a veterinarian, a musician, a basketball player (I didn’t know I would stop growing in fifth grade at slightly over five fe...
The Job Hunt
4 months ago
The stressful event of searching for your next job is a job in itself. Looking for your next career move takes time, dedication, and most importantly, patience. According to a recent study by Mental H...