Rosanna Teale

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The View from the Dog House Pt 7
5 days ago
Some authors write in a particular genre and all their work relates to that genre. Crime, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance—these spring to mind instantly. When asked, she who thinks she must be obeyed...
The View from the Dog House Pt 6
8 days ago
The short answer is that it can do. People who read Rosy Teale's books who know her say they recognise bits of her in various characters. People are generally interesting to observe so when you are wr...
View from the Dog House (Pt. 3)
13 days ago
She who thinks she should be obeyed at all times is a great fan of audio books and used to work in radio, apparently, so knows a thing or two about recording. When she gives her talks promoting her bo...
Thoughts from the Dog House (Pt. 2)
14 days ago
Death, dying and bereavement are subjects that, generally, people shy away from talking about but the beauty of writing strong characters is that you can express so much through their thoughts, words,...
The View from the Dog House
16 days ago
'The Perils and Pitfalls on the Path to Publication' is the title of the talk our Mum (she who thinks she should be obeyed at all times) gives to various groups as she promotes her writing. She has pu...