Rosalyn Grams

#walking on wonky knees
I write about journeys,imaginary worlds, disability challenges, satire & other topics.  
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Confessions of a Disabled Job-Seeker: The One with the Bee
9 months ago
FlightIt has often been said that bumblebees defy aerodynamics and should not be able to fly. However, a recent study showed how the tiny wings keep the bee in the air. The study, published in the jou...
Confessions of a Disabled Job-seeker - The One with the Call Centre
10 months ago
I applied for a call centre position for a very large bank in Glasgow with a horse for the logo. We were given our task feedback at the interview. I was pleased to find out that I got the highest grad...
Confessions of a Disabled Job-Seeker - The One with the Travel Consultant
10 months ago
This article is a confession of my recent conduct when applying for work. The typical behaviour of many employers, recruiters and interviewers towards disabled job applicants is still discriminatory—a...