Robert Bayley

Robert Bayley edits the local paper and runs his own business as a proofreader. He is also trained as a Gateway Assessor for Citizens Advice.  He has two degrees and two Masters Degrees and still doesn't really know what he wants to do.

Run Your Own Newspaper (Part 5)
2 years ago
I never thought about distribution when I blindly accepted ownership of the local newspaper. Luckily it was already in place, but if you are starting from scratch, obviously you will have to think abo...
Run Your Own Newspaper (Part 4)
2 years ago
Having gotten my hands on the paper, now came the question – what do I fill it with? As you probably already know I took over the paper, so regular contributors were already in place. But I am the edi...
Run Your Own Newspaper (Part 3)
2 years ago
I didn't know that part of the reason that I was offered the newspaper was that a competing magazine had been created and advertisers for my (soon to be) newspaper were being enticed away partly becau...
Run Your Own Newspaper (Part 2)
2 years ago
My excitement at becoming a Media Baron soon turned to fear… what now? Well, the beauty of a takeover means almost everything is in place, the only missing ingredient is your own X-factor. So here are...
Run Your Own Newspaper
2 years ago
I was recently watching a European Champion's League game on TV in my local social club when I got a tap on my shoulder. A guy I'd met, but rarely spoken to, started talking about the local newspaper ...