RoAnna Sylver

Writes weird books about marginalized people surviving/rocking out (Chameleon Moon, Stake Sauce), amazing puns, and geeky articles. Lives with chronic pain/genetic weirdness. An actual mutant. Open Your Eyes, Look Up To The Skies And See!

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Writing Good Sh*t Lesson #5 - Avoiding POV Slips
2 years ago
There are a lot of tenses and points of view to pick from, some more popular than others. Once upon a time, I wrote a book in 3rd-person omniscient, meaning we get to see the thoughts and reactions of...
Writing Good Shit #4 - Making Exposition Dialogue
2 years ago
Last time I talked about giving us a reason to care, and doing it early. My next tip is both the best method, and the best reason for doing this: showing readers who your characters are. You have thre...
Writing Good Sh*t Lesson #3 – A Reason to Care
2 years ago
Last time I talked about “being good now.” It’s important to start strong right off, both from a story standpoint, and an Amazon Kindle preview standpoint. But what does that mean? You give us a Shiny...
Writing Good Sh*t Lesson #2: Be Good Now
2 years ago
Beginnings are hard. We went into that a little bit in Tip #1, and how to hopefully make them less hard—specifically, to immediately give the audience someone to connect to, and a reason to care. If y...
Writing Good Sh*t: Lesson #1
2 years ago
People often ask me how I write like I do—presumably, like an over-caffeinated and under-sleeped nerd with a Conspiracy Wall of newspaper and thumb tacks and string, because everything’s connected! An...
Writing While Sick, Depressed, Scared, And Other Deadly Sins
2 years ago
I write things. Obviously; you're reading this now. #Writing is my life. And my life is also made up of a veritable cornucopia of suck. Mostly in the form of chronic illnesses, pain, and a brain that ...