Riley Raul Reese

Riley Reese is comic book fanatic who loves anything that has to do with science-fiction, anime, action movies, and Monster Energy drink.

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10 Signs You're a Bad Boss
10 months ago
I remember when I worked at an ad agency that did a lot of work with pharmaceutical companies. They had great revenue, had a decent assistant manager, and also would occasionally order sushi for the g...
What It's Like To Be: An Online Blogger
2 years ago
For the past 6-odd years, I've been working as an online blogger - most recognizably in the relationship field. I've been republished on Yahoo, and also on Huffington Post. So, I like to think I'm pro...
Best Cities For Commuters
2 years ago
The average person will spend around 27.2 minutes every day they go to work commuting to and from their workplace. In major metro areas, that reasonable number can skyrocket to as much as an hour or m...