Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz's producer credits include The Departed, Black Swan and Lip Sync Battle. He is the Founder of Jerrick.

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What It's Like To Be: A Yogi
a year ago
Kim Stetz has been practicing yoga for over 25 years; after a long and arduous journey, she opened her New York yoga studio Savasana Station in 2014. In a city that never sleeps, she explains why "yog...
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Medium Is Broken
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Like millions of other people. I wrote a piece on the publishing platform Medium. Lots of people read it. I won't write for them again. Over the years, I've written for Huffington Post, Daily Beast, G...
DEED: The App That Makes Volunteering Easy
a year ago
If the best inventions are indeed borne out of necessity, then DEED definitely fits the category. Volunteering in New York, like many cities across America, is a process filled with bureaucracy, trick...
What It's Like To Be A: Top Matchmaker
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Brooke Wise was a rising star on Wall Street. Working at an esteemed financial institution with a degree from the prestigious Wharton School, she felt that something was missing. A kind and intuitive ...