Richard Owens

Beer Connoisseur, classically trained pianist, traveled to over 50 countries in my 20s alone, and lover of the arts.

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The World's Most Epic Commutes
2 years ago
For many, the daily commute to work can be an incredible burden. Whether it's by car, bus, subway, walk - getting to work can be a grind. Traffic on the highway, getting a late start in the morning, d...
Habits to Help You Build Wealth
2 years ago
Most of us are concerned about money. Making more, saving more, having more to spend. When focusing on money and how to build our wealth, we might tend to put our energy toward all of the habits direc...
How to Be a Successful Female In a Male Dominated Industry
2 years ago
The challenges are never-ending for a successful female working in a male dominated industry. No matter how deeply entrenched a woman is in the workspace, men will always try to wield dominance, if no...
How to Find the Best Career Fit In a Startup
2 years ago
Today’s work environment is changing fast, so quickly that many HR managers and professionals are struggling to keep up with the literature on them constantly changing, but what’s the best way to find...
Quick Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity and Improve Your Life
2 years ago
Being productive is hard, but there are certain time management tips which will turbo charge your productivity. There is always more to do in a day than seems to be achievable with the constant distra...
Tips for Creating the Optimal Work Space
2 years ago
Your surrounding can be a great source of motivation to increase your creative skills. Working in an optimal work space enables you to channel your energy while working efficiently. Optimal work space...